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[Updated: 20Dec2010]

3CHG, Robin's Quarry Trial, Restricted. Results, Report.
4 G&C, Club meeting - cancelled due to weather.
11AGM Board Meeting
17 G&C, Hurran Trial, Open, Centre Championship Round 1. POSTPONED to November 21.
24 West Glos, "Boxing Day" Trial, Open. Results and more
1 G&C, Club meeting - King's Head, Birdwood.
7Zona One, Trial, Restricted. (re-arranged from January 31). Results, Pictures.
8Board Meeting
14SVMC, Trial, Open, Centre Champs Rnd. Results.
21Wye Valley, Non-expert trial, Restricted. POSTPONED.
1 G&C, Club meeting - Pike and Musket, Tuffley.
7Ledbury, Classic Trial, Open. Results.
8Board Meeting
21West Glos Wyegate LDT, Trial, Restricted. Results and more...
28G&C, Trial, Open. CANCELLED
Golden Valley - Trial, National
6 G&C, Club meeting - The Orchard, Quedgeley. Tuesday, due to Easter Monday Bank Holiday.
11Zona One, Dennis Saunders Trial, Restricted. Results, Pictures.
12Board Meeting
18CHG, 17th Sphinx LDT, Trial, Open. Results, Video
Ledbury, Spring Classic Grasstrack, Open. CANCELLED
1West Glos, Trail Bike Trial, Restricted. Results Date change from May 15.
3 G&C, Club meeting - Rising Sun, Moseley Green.
8 G&C, Training Day, Monmouth. Re-arranged from May 16.
9Wye Valley, Non-expert trial, Restricted. Results. Postponed from February 21
10Board Meeting
16G&C, Smith Trial, Centre Championship Round. Monmouth. Results, Reports. Re-arranged from March 28.
23Zona One, Trial, Restricted. Results, Pictures.
6SVMC, Ron Carter Trophies Trial, Open. Results
7 G&C, Club meeting - Royal Exchange, Hartpury.
12 West Glos, Hillclimb/Trial, Restricted. Results, pix, video
Ledbury, Grasstrack, Open. Results
G&C Club/Centre Awards Night. Details
13G&C, John Husband Memorial Trial, Open. Results, Report
14Board Meeting
20CHG, Trial, Open. Centre Championship Rnd. Langley Hill. Results (scroll down 2 sheets)
27Wye Valley, Trial, Open, Centre Champs Rnd. Youth/Adult. Results
3 (Saturday)G&C, Trial, Open, Youth and Adult. Results, Youth trial info.
7 G&C, WEDNESDAY Club meeting, with VMCC - Halfway House, Kineton. Ride a Bike Night.
12Board Meeting
18Malvern, Trial, Open, Centre Champs Rnd. Results.
West Glos, Hare and Hounds, Open. Results. Date change from August 22.
25 Zona One, John Workman Trial, Restricted. Revised Results, Pictures, Video, Award Options.
1 CHG, Trial, Open. CANCELLED.
2 G&C, Club meeting - Red Lion, Wainlodes.
7 (Saturday)West Glos, Trail Bike Trial, Restricted. Results.
9Board Meeting
29SVMC, Minchinhampton Cup Trial, Open. Results.
30Ledbury, Bank Holiday Monday, British Pre-75 Championship. Results
5CHG, Trial, Open. Farmcote. Results, Pictures, Report.
Wye Valley, Youth Trial. Results, Championship Details.
6 G&C, Club meeting - Nag's Head, Longhope.
12 G&C, Cotton Trial, Open. Results
13Board Meeting
19Wye Valley, Trevor Hunt Trophy Trial, National. Results.
26Ledbury, Leader Grasstrack, Open. Results.
West Glos, Trial, Open, Centre Champs Rnd. Results, Video, Reports
3Malvern, Trial, Restricted Centre, Centre Champs Rnd. Results
West Glos, Hare and Hounds, Open. Postponed.Info
4 G&C, Club meeting
10Wye Valley, Trial, Open, Centre Champs Rnd. Youth/Adult. CANCELLED, re-arranged to December 12.
11Board Meeting
17West Glos, Sidecargate Trial. Results, Report, Pix
24SVMC, Trial, Open. POSTPONED. Details
31CHG, John Draper Trial, Open, Centre Champs Rnd. Langley Hill. Results, Report and Pictures
1 G&C, Club meeting - The Dog, Over.
7SVMC, Trial, Open, Centre Champs Rnd. Results.
8Board Meeting
14Remembrance Sunday. No events.
20West Glos, Old Dam Novice/Trailbike Trial.
21G&C, Hurran Trial, Ebworth. Open, Centre Champs Rnd. Pix, Video, Results, Report.
28Zona One, Race Techniques Trophy Trial, Restricted. Results, Pix, Words .
Ledbury, Les Burry Classic Trial, Open Results.
6 G&C, Club meeting - Severn Bore, Minsterworth.
12Wye Valley, Trial, Open. POSTPONED. More...
West Glos, Winter Hare and Hounds. POSTPONED.
13Board Meeting
26West Glos, Boxing Day Trial, Open. Postponed to 13 February (Provisional). More info
January 2011
10Board Meeting