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Malvern Trial Postponed

Malvern club's planned trial for June 6 is postponed. A new date is to be announced and the club, which has a small number of volunteers running events, plans to work out a way forward and visit the excellent Bodenham venue to see what work may need to be done. When a date is agreed with ACU Western Board we'll bring you news of the new event date.. [on 19Apr2021]

Wyegate Trial Cancelled

Sadly the West Glos & Dean Forest MCC Wyegate Long Distance Trial has been cancelled - Read More.

The good news is that the club is looking at running other, smaller events, so keep an eye on the West Glos site and here for more news when we have it.

[on 16Mar2021]

Cheltenham Home Guard Midweek Trials

CHG are planning midweek trials - more from organiser and landowner Sam Wilson: "We hope to run something once a month or so over the next 6 months. The aim is to make it more of a social gathering for 'mature' riders and ex riders who want to get out during the week to ride or just to meet friends. The socializing bit is dependent on lockdown lifting of course. First event will be a practice trial with no published results. Format will be 9 sections ride as a group of six and complete two laps. Attempt each section twice on each lap.

Depending on level of interest we hope to alternate between proper trials with results and practice events. The section severity will be similar to CHG non expert trials with sportsman and clubman routes. If there is enough interest we might put in some harder variations but we're not aiming at expert riders.

We would like to run at other venues but only have Monmouth guaranteed available at moment.

We expect to adapt the format dependent on who turns up and what they want to do. In future we may run separate clubman and sportsman loops to make use of some of the harder terrain at Monmouth."

The venue for this trial is in England, however access does require drivers from England to temporarily venture in to Wales and back in to England!. First date is Tuesday 20th April (subject to approval by ACU Western Board). Online entry only through ACU website. Entries open Tuesday 6th April at 09:00

[on 16Mar2021]

Trials set to return!

Following the Prime Minister's announcement which means motorcycle sport can start after March 29, plans are being made to run trials in our centre.

David Eeles of Cheltenham Home Guard MCC says while CHG are not running on April 18th, SVMC are set to run the Minchinhampton Cup Trial instead - we will bring you more news on that soon. CHG are going to run 'OAP trials' - midweek events not in the evening. CHG members rightly want to get their second Covid jabs, before looking to run on their June date (27th) as well. These events will follow strict Covid protocols, which all riders and officials will stick to. Check the revised Event Calendar [on 02Mar2021]

Archive: Cheltenham Home Guard MCC Grass Track

Footage of a CHG grass track at what appears to be its Hazleton track has appeared on YouTube, with action from both outside and inside the track. Featured riders include Martin Hagon, Clayton Williams, Steve Schofield, Alan Williams, Mike Beaumont, Rob Price, Barry Meeks, Mark Reeve, Neil Farnish, Julian Wigg and many more. To view, Click here, and check out our growing Archive Section too. [on 8Fen2021]

Board Meetings

Monthly ACU Western Board meetings are back in full swing - on Zoom for now. After a try-out Zoom meeting in December, the first official meeting took place in January and they are continuing on the second February of the month. All clubs affiliated to ACu Western can send delegates - contact your club secretary for more details. [on 8Feb2021]

Forestry events - good news

Forestry England's review of motorsports use of its land has recognised the value of properly-organised events. Its review could have had a serious effect on land use in future but as the ACU Press Release explains, Forestry England has taken on board all the comments made during its consultation and will work with the ACU on future use. Some changes to the current arrangements may be on their way but FE has responded positively. If you wrote a letter to Forestry England, thank you! [on 8Feb2021]

National Lockdown - no events

The national lockdown due to the sharp rises in Coronavirus cases and the pressure this puts on the NHS means the ACU has stopped all motorcycle sport activities until further notice. This is a touhg time for us all and we look forward to the time when we can safely swing our legs over a bike again. Read ACU Covid Updates [on 7Jan2021]

Julian Bishop - RIP

Sadly Julian Bishop passed away on December 20. Jules was a motorcyclist through and through, and was committed to everything the West Glos club did for around 50 years. Full tributes are on the West Glos website, and we remember him here - he was an arch-organiser as well as competitor. Our thoughts are with his family. He will be deeply missed. [on 21Dec2020]

West Glos Boxing Day Trial - Postponed

UPDATE 19 Dec: Trial postponed.

West Glos's annual curtain closer to the year takes place on the usual day but at a different venue.

Pingry Farm, Coleford staged the club's last trial in September and there is plenty of rockery to keep riders of all abiilities entertained. Entries are open - see the 2021 calendar for a link to the entry form. [on 14Dec2020]

David Mason Memorial Trial

Cheltenham Home Guard MCC's annual first trial of the year is the usual non-expert trial at Chedworth - this year named the David Mason Memorial Trial after Dave who was a great servant to the sport and an important member of the CHG club for around 60 years. Entries will open at 09:00 on Wed 16th December on the ACU website - see the 2021 calendar for a link to the entry form.

It will be 3 laps of 11 sections limited to 66 riders due to Coronavirus restrictions - the usual rules to ensure everyone's safety will be in place. [on 14Dec2020]

Coronavirus (Covid-19): National Lockdown 5th November to 2nd December

ACU Press Release: Covid-19 infections are rapidly increasing across the whole of the UK and in other countries. Listening to the Scientific evidence, the infection rate is doubling every nine days. As such, the UK Government has ordered a second national lockdown for England which will take effect from Thursday 5th November until 2nd December.

So, in terms of motorcycle sport, where does that leave us? The answer is straight forward with no ambiguity. For the period of the national lockdown, all ACU activity in England which includes competition, practice or training should not take place. Any ACU permit issued for activity to take place during this period is cancelled.

Everyone must do their bit to act now to help in controlling the spread of the virus. The single most important action we can all take, in fighting coronavirus, is to stay at home, to protect the NHS and save lives.

From Thursday 5 November until Wednesday 2 December, the Government is taking the following action:Requiring people to stay at home, except for specific purposes.Preventing gathering with people you do not live with, except for specific purposes.Closing certain businesses and venues.Until Thursday 5 November, the relevant local Covid alert measures will continue to apply in the area where you live. Then from Thursday 5th November, the new measures will apply nationally for four weeks up to Wednesday 2 December. At the end of that period, the UK Government will look to return to a regional approach, based on the latest data.

For those living in Wales, Scotland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands you will be required to follow the guidance/advice/rules issued by your devolved governments and as such ACU/SACU permits issued for events to take place in those areas will apply as per the local rules.

Roy Humphrey, ACU Chairman commented ‘We live in an ever-changing situation and it is important that we all keep up to date with Government guidance / advice. The latest announcement made by the Prime Minister was expected, so we need to adhere to what has been said. I want to thank all our Organisers for their efforts, their flexibility and their adherence to UK Government and Covid advice issued by their Local Administrations. Let's see what happens in a month!

[on 1Nov2020]

Hurran Trial Cancelled

The Hurran Trial is an unfortunate victim of Covid-19. The landowner will not approve any groups greater than 30 using the woods. The Gloucester and Cotswold MC are planning another trial in a different venue for the same day but The Hurran belongs in Ebworth so it will have a different title. Watch this site for news. Tom Welch, GC MC. [on 28Sep2020]

Glos & Cots' Cotton Trial postponed

UPDATE 4Sep2020: This trial is postponed, as the intention is to re-stage it in October. We'll update you when we have a date for it.

The club had planned to run their Cotton Trial on the 6th September but lambing has put paid to it. G &C's Tom Welch: "We are unable to run next Sunday due to lambing being late this year and the farmer cannot split lambs from ewes." [on 29Aug2020]

2020 ACU Western Trials Championship

This year's Championship has now been called off. The remaining events planned may still go ahead but will not constitute a round. Lets hope we can have a proper championship for 2021. [on 28Aug2020]

Archive video footage

Archive video footage of two ACU Western events has been brought up to date by one of our site sponsors BVM Moto. BVM's YouTube channel features 1987 video of a Cheltenham Home Guard MCC event at Upper Hill Farm and a Wye Valley AC event at Craswall (both link to YouTube). More archive video is on the way, and links to both these events and much more on ACU Western's past can be found on the ACU Western Archive [on 10May2020 22:09]

Thank you to our sponsors - please support them

Clearly these are tough times for business and we are right behind our valued website sponsors who are weathering this period. BVM Moto, Haines and Co, and Thunder Road's knowledgeable and committed staff are on the end of a phone line, email or message even though they cannot open their doors to the public. BVM and Haines are offering mail order currently too - please continue to support them if you can.

We're lucky to have independent dealers in every trials manufacturer in BVM and Thunder Road in our patch. Haines has well over 30 years experience in enduro, trail riding and long distance trials is now dealing in the reborn Fantic marque, offering two stroke enduro, cross country and MX models, retro Caballero trailbikes and a new range of eMTBs, and of course an unrivalled range of CCM and Gas Gas parts.

Between them the boys at BVM have three lifetimes' experience in trials - all three are Expert level riders who know their way around big events including the SSDT.

Thunder Road stocks trial, trail and enduro machines, and is a Honda, Suzuki and Indian dealer. While we're unable to ride, check out BVM's YouTube channel for top quality video content - 'how to', keep fit and event coverage is second to none.

And when all this is over, we hope to be handing out some trophies from Crystal Images. [on 13Apr2020]

Environmental Mats

Competitors are reminded that whenever a machine is being refuelled at an ACU-authorised event, it must stand on an environmental mat. This is a rule of the ACU designed to protect our sport and the environment, Trials Standing Regulation 9: "ENVIRONMENTAL MATS - All machines and generators must stand on an Environmental mat whilst being refuelled."

[on 19Jan2020]

Defibrillator - the Yellow Bag at Trials

You should all know what is in that Yellow Bag. If someone, anyone; You, A Rider, A Marshal or even a spectator has a medical emergency that could be heart stopping then watch the video of how the thing works. It may give you enough confidence to get on with saving a life! [on 05Jun2017]

Gloucester and Cotswold MC ACU Benevolent Fund Donation

The Gloucester & Cotswold Motor Club would like to thank all riders who opted not to receive awards at their trials. This has resulted in a donation of £500 being made to the ACU Benevolent Fund. Thank you, all of you. [on 26Feb2017]

Stroud Valley MC Yercombe Lodge and ACU Benevolent Fund Donation

Stroud Valley MC has donated £300 to two good causes - £150 each to Yercombe Lodge near Dursley, which brings the total it has given to 400 in two years, and the same amount to the ACU Benevolent Fund. The day centre and residential home provides valuable care to families who need it. [on 26Feb2017]

Cub Help

Antony Bowie would like to know more about a bike he's bought. He writes:

"I have a 1963 Triumph TR20 Tiger Cub that according to a hand written note that came with the bike when I purchased it was owned or used by Jon Bliss in the 1960's:


Purchased new in 1963 by the late John Husband. Ridden in 1964 Wye Valley Trial by Jon Bliss to win the Western Centre Championship. Numerous trial success over the years.

This is a rare and original ex works trials bearing matching frame and engine numbers. Still has original high tensile Dunlop rims, original Energy Transfer Ignition Alpha big end fitted and Italian piston which need full engine temperature to eliminate exhaust smoke.

I would be most interested to hear any history/information on the bike (registration number EAD 248A which may or may not have been with the bike from new) and even have a photograph of it in action if such exists that I can see and keep with the records."

Contact Antony at

[on 8Jan2017]

ACU Western - Name Change/Logo

Did you notice our logo changing? That is because all the ACU's regions have dropped the 'Centre' and our re-branding means we are now 'ACU Western'. You will continue to see references to the Centre in some of our documents and web pages for a while, but they will be phased out as soon as practicable. We don't have to scrap any paperwork already printed, so the change will be as green as possible. If you don't already have the new logo for your documents then contact the ACU Western Secretary for the file. [on 31Dec2015]

Stroud Valley MC Charity support

Stroud Valley have recently paid a visit to Yercombe Lodge at Stinchcombe where they handed over a cheque for £250 to help fund the Day Centre and Residential home. Chairman Phil Marsh explained to them that SV are a not-for-profit club, so they like to put surplus money from organised events back into the community. The money will go towards activities in the Centre, like cooking or crafts, as well as their frequent day trips. The club have also been supporting the Alzheimer's Society recently. [on 17Sep2015 13:40]

Photo Help - Geoff Gibbons

Would any of our readers have, or know of, any photos of the late Geoff Gibbons who was a rider and supporter of events in the centre?

His son, Bill, spotted this one on our site where he was handing over the keys to a Ford Transit to Malcolm Davis.

He still has a cup, named after him, given in the CHG's British Championship Sphinx Trial. Bill hopes that 'some of the old hounds out there may have some kicking about (Jon Bliss has already sourced one, which was fab) It'd be great to see some more pics of him knee deep in the mud, scans and electronic copies would be great. I'm not expecting people to part with originals. Thanks ever so much in advance. Regards Bill (David) Gibbons.'

We will pass any emails on to Bill if you send to [on 11Jul2015 22:30]