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Stroud Valley's Solo/Woolridge Trial

Exciting news from SV: 'We are at Nymphsfield on 1st October for our next event. Both farms are going to be included so it will be an enjoyable ride round.

We are plannning on 3 laps of 12 or 13 sections with 3 routes giving the usual sportsman, sportsman plus, clubman, clubman expert and expert options. All abilities and types of machine will be catered for with the 'yellow' route being suitable for novice and pre65 riders.

There is also a conducted route for the youngsters being organised.

Regs will be on the Western Web site. Please help us by entering on line. Day licenses are available if required.

As usual observers will be very welcome and will receive a meal voucher and £10 to cover their expenses.

The start may be in a different place to usual, so follow the signs from the main Stroud/Dursley road'. More on their own website...

Regs and Entry links are on the Event Calendar. [on 15Sep2017]


Dates Meeting for 2018

Jennie says: Just a reminder that it is the dates meeting on 9th October. Can you please let me have your proposed dates by 5th October to enable me to put a calendar together for the meeting.

For the uninitiated, if you want your club to run an event in 2018 on the date you intend then you need to pre-book it at the next board meeting and let Jennie know and ensure your club delegate is going to the October meeting. [on 12Sep2018]

2018 Trials Championship Proposals

The Trials Committee and board confirmed the changes for next year's Trials Championship at the last Board Meeting. An explanation of what you are in for is coming soon. Have a look at the attached Proposals which were adopted with some minor changes - PDF. [on 12Sep2017]

ACU Western Trial Championship Standings - Updated

Trials Recorder John 'Laurence' Luff brings us the latest standings.

ACU Western Trials Championship - After 6 rounds with 2 to go, here are the latest standings. Of course, sadly there was no Wye Valley AC round, but it is hoped that event can be staged at a later date. Kurt Brain leads Simon Welch by just 1 point in the Open class. Matt Hanney has already done enough to win the Over 40 class but Phill Gardner has a huge list that could steal his second place. Despite missing his home round Steve Grindle has nailed the large over 50s class with 2 rounds still to go. Ronnie Day holds the Yth A and Harry Jeffries holds off Ollie, Fin and Zac in Yth B. Victoria is probably watching the Clubman Championship for her next batch of opposition with 3 more ladies now scoring points. Next round is Stroud's on 1st Oct.

ACU Western Clubman Trials Championship - The 4 rounds are now complete, the latest standings show Dave Morris is Over 60's champion ahead of Steve Venn, Martin Jones and Nigel Tomkins. Fin Kettle dominated Youth C keeping Jessica and Isabel away. Fred Bishop didn't put a foot wrong and lead Aaron Watson and brother Harry in D. And Zach Ellway had Youth E all to himself. John Jacka had Pre65 sorted while Dave Eeles was away for repairs. And Nick Draper gave everyone a stunning show riding and beating the moderns on their own territory to take the Twinshocks. [on 10Sep2017]

Zona 1 MCC Tim Fry Land Rovers Charity Trial, IS NOW - Sunday, October 29

Postponed from April: The club are all set for 29 Oct.

Please spread the word and Any Youth D's who want to can ride the Sportsman route.

An open, charity trial with proceeds going to Great Ormond Street Children's hospital. All adult classes plus youth A, B, C, and conducted route for youth D, E, Osets and Adult beginners. If riders don't want an award they can indicate online or on the entry form that if they win an award it can be donated to Great Ormond street. This is the same venue as the club's successful Kia Twinshock Championship Round last year and is a super venue with a variety of sections and a nice long lap. Entry form and online entry via the Calendar [Updated 31Aug2017 18:30]

Brian Valder

Most of you will already know we lost Brian Valder in May 2017. A most valued member of our sporting community. As an observer in the majority of our trials for a long time we will all have met him and benefited from the time and care he put into our sport. Read the obituary Ben Falconer compiled and see some great action shots from his past.

[on 04Jun2017]

Defibrillator - the Yellow Bag at Trials

You should all know what is in that Yellow Bag. If someone, anyone; You, A Rider, A Marshal or even a spectator has a medical emergency that could be heart stopping then watch the video of how the thing works. It may give you enough confidence to get on with saving a life! [on 05Jun2017]

Zona 1 MCC Trials - Seven Trials open for entry

Get your diaries out for Zona 1 MCC's trials - the club's mega-efficient paperwork machine has got regulations and entry forms out for no less than seven trials and you can enter them all now if you wish, and online entry is now available.

First up is the Tim Fry Land Rovers Charity Trial on April 2 at Piccadilly Farm, Aggs Hill, then the Dennis Saunders trial on Sunday, May 14 at Bidfield Farm, The Camp, between Stroud and Birdlip. There will be Standard, Clubman and Sportsman routes with 50/50 classes either side of the Clubman route - AND a green route trial for D&E riders and adults who are complete beginners. Regulations and Entry Forms are on the Calendar where online entry is now available.

John Workman Trial on Sunday, September 17 at Bidfield Farm, The Camp, between Stroud and Birdlip. There will be Standard, Clubman and Sportsman routes with 50/50 classes either side of the Clubman route - AND a green route trial for D&E riders and adults who are complete beginners. Regulations and Entry Forms are on the Calendar

Race Techniques Trial on Sunday, December 3 at Nettleton Quarry, Birdlip. There will be Standard, Clubman and Sportsman routes with 50/50 classes either side of the Clubman route - AND a green route trial for D&E riders and adults who are complete beginners. Regulations and Entry Forms are on the Calendar

All these trials will be run under Trials Standing Regulation 22A (Stop Permitted).

[on 26Feb2017]

Gloucester and Cotswold MC ACU Benevolent Fund Donation

The Gloucester & Cotswold Motor Club would like to thank all riders who opted not to receive awards at their trials. This has resulted in a donation of £500 being made to the ACU Benevolent Fund. Thank you, all of you. [on 26Feb2017]

Stroud Valley MC Yercombe Lodge and ACU Benevolent Fund Donation

Stroud Valley MC has donated £300 to two good causes - £150 each to Yercombe Lodge near Dursley, which brings the total it has given to 400 in two years, and the same amount to the ACU Benevolent Fund. The day centre and residential home provides valuable care to families who need it. [on 26Feb2017]

Cub Help

Antony Bowie would like to know more about a bike he's bought. He writes:

"I have a 1963 Triumph TR20 Tiger Cub that according to a hand written note that came with the bike when I purchased it was owned or used by Jon Bliss in the 1960's:


Purchased new in 1963 by the late John Husband. Ridden in 1964 Wye Valley Trial by Jon Bliss to win the Western Centre Championship. Numerous trial success over the years.

This is a rare and original ex works trials bearing matching frame and engine numbers. Still has original high tensile Dunlop rims, original Energy Transfer Ignition Alpha big end fitted and Italian piston which need full engine temperature to eliminate exhaust smoke.

I would be most interested to hear any history/information on the bike (registration number EAD 248A which may or may not have been with the bike from new) and even have a photograph of it in action if such exists that I can see and keep with the records."

Contact Antony at

[on 8Jan2017]

2017 Trials Championship Dates

Dates for ACU Western Trials Championship are in the calendar but here's a handy list of those dates:

Main Championship:

Gloster & Cotswold January 15, Stroud Valley February 19, Wye Valley March 5, Gloster and Cotswold March 19, Cheltenham Home Guard April 9, Malvern June 18, West Glos December 3, Stroud Valley October 1, Wye Valley October 15.

The Clubman Championship Dates are:

Stroud Valley March 26, Cheltenham Home Guard June 4, West Glos July 30, Gloucester & Cotswold August 6. [on 25Nov2016]

ACU Western - Name Change/Logo

Did you notice our logo changing? That is because all the ACU's regions have dropped the 'Centre' and our re-branding means we are now 'ACU Western'. You will continue to see references to the Centre in some of our documents and web pages for a while, but they will be phased out as soon as practicable. We don't have to scrap any paperwork already printed, so the change will be as green as possible. If you don't already have the new logo for your documents then contact the ACU Western Secretary for the file. [on 31Dec2015]

Stroud Valley MC Charity support

Stroud Valley have recently paid a visit to Yercombe Lodge at Stinchcombe where they handed over a cheque for £250 to help fund the Day Centre and Residential home. Chairman Phil Marsh explained to them that SV are a not-for-profit club, so they like to put surplus money from organised events back into the community. The money will go towards activities in the Centre, like cooking or crafts, as well as their frequent day trips. The club have also been supporting the Alzheimer's Society recently. [on 17Sep2015 13:40]

Photo Help - Geoff Gibbons

Would any of our readers have, or know of, any photos of the late Geoff Gibbons who was a rider and supporter of events in the centre?

His son, Bill, spotted this one on our site where he was handing over the keys to a Ford Transit to Malcolm Davis.

He still has a cup, named after him, given in the CHG's British Championship Sphinx Trial. Bill hopes that 'some of the old hounds out there may have some kicking about (Jon Bliss has already sourced one, which was fab) It'd be great to see some more pics of him knee deep in the mud, scans and electronic copies would be great. I'm not expecting people to part with originals. Thanks ever so much in advance. Regards Bill (David) Gibbons.'

We will pass any emails on to Bill if you send to [on 11Jul2015 22:30]