Organiser's Page

This page is definitely not finished. Your suggestions for what should be here would be appreciated.

What we do have is a Standard Forms page which will give you access to all the standard forms you may need and our local centre versions of them. Plus Mike Gunn's Idiot sheet which will be a great check list for us organisers.

Just a brief note from our Web admin. If you wish to be able to create a PDF document such as the Regs or results spreadsheets you see on this site, you don't need to pay for Microsoft Office. You could use a FREE compatible office program from LibreOffice. (Click the logo.)  Use LibreOffice You can even read Word documents that other people send you and then re-save them as PDF's which guarantees a majority of our users can open and see them exactly as you planned, regardless of what software the user has. Alternatively, email (attach) the document file to me, for me to do it for you (you may have to make a donation to the Ben' fund though.) Note that almost any document you send in, be it supplementary regs or spreadsheet results, I will convert to PDF anyway so the site is consistent.

If you have what is now really old software like Microsoft's Works package you should always save your documents and spreadsheets in a standard format that is compatible with the rest of the world if you wish them to be readable. (By default they are not compatible!)

Text documents: Go to 'File - Save As then select an either Word 97 or 'RTF' option which will have an automatic extension of '.doc' or '.rtf'

Spreadsheets: Go to 'File - Save As then select an Excel option which will have an automatic extension of '.xls' or '.xlsx'.