Standard Forms

The majority of forms required to run events are found on the ACU website under the menu bar option of 'Organiser' - 'Event Paperwork'. Your club will have access to the full set by using your Club's Official ACU login (Your Club Sec has access to this.)

Below, you will find those forms commonly used by our centre where we have modified them to suit most of our local events.

Get Adobe's Acrobat Reader for any deviceNote: Our interactive PDF forms which allow you to type on screen and 'tab' through forms calculating totals etc., work best when you open them with Adobe Acrobat Reader and some other PDF readers. If you use some default programs in Apple or Windows PC's they may not work. This also applies to some browsers that use their own readers, you may need to save the file/link as a pdf first then open with Acrobat Reader. You can get the free Reader direct from Adobe for any device from the linked image on the right.
Also, be aware that the intention is that these forms need to be printed after filling all relevent information in then signed manually. The recipients may not accept digital signatures yet, maybe that will come later. (When it comes to entry forms, you will be asked to sign on the day anyway.)

Current Modified Centre Documents (2022 versions)

(P1) Permit Application Form -This is the one you send to Permit Secretary Roy Savery with 2 copies of Regs, if posting, and a cheque (payable to 'R Savery'). If you are going to use the ACU's Online entry system then you will need to email him a PDF version of the Regs too, (with the permit number on, which means after he has issued a number). You should also email the editor ( the PDF version when the permit number has been amended for inclusion on the Event Calendar.

P1 2022 Permit Application Form for ACU Western (Premier Insurance)

(C8) Centre Trials Championship and Open Event Entry Form (Note, this hasn't been updated as entries have All been online) - This one has tick boxes for all the main classes with Class numbers.

C8 2020 Premier Insurance Solo Entry Form for WC Trials (Open and Championship)

(A1) Insurance Statement Form (Trials Only) - The one you need to fill out after the event with rider and officials numbers and include a cheque. You know, the one that the Permit Secretary sends out to you but goes missing or ends up with another club member just when you want it, because you know it has to be sent in within 14 days.

This one is an interactive pdf which allows you to type in the values then tab to the next part and the totals get calculated (double-check, of course.) before printing off and sending to Tom with a Cheque payable to 'Western Centre A.C.U.' (remember that some permits come from HQ and that is who you should send to and pay if that is the source. Normally only for Nationals, Forestry events etc.)

2022 A1 Insurance Statement as sent out for Trials

Steward's Report Form for Trials -This is the one the appointed Steward fills out with information supplied by the Organising club about numbers etc. and completes the report sections of the form. This version is in Microsoft Word format (.doc). If the user places their cursor to the right of title text in each box then the correct font is used. If you do not have software that will open Microsoft Word documents then here is a printable PDF form.

Completed forms should be sent or delivered to the ACU Western Secretary for Restricted and Open events where they are the permit issuing authority. National Events and events run on Forestry Commission land normally go to HQ.

Contact details for ACU Western Secretary Jennie Jones.

Steward's Report Form - Trials (.doc)


Other Standard Templates

Section Begins and Ends Cards - A4 size numbered up to section 40 using minimal ink. Print on to card or laminate for re-use. Add your Club's logo with the MS Word or LibreOffice versions or just printout now with the PDF version.