Mike's Idiot Sheet

Mike Gunn's Idiot sheet will be a great reminder for. You may also printout an A4 version (PDF format) to use as a tick sheet.

Mike's Idiot Sheet For Trial Organisers.

1. Contact Landowner for Permission and Confirm Date.

2. Sort out Officials, Clerk of Course, Secretary of Meeting and Club Stewards. Fill in Permit Application Sheet and Regulation sheet (2 Copies )

3. Take completed forms to a Board meeting for the Centre Secretary to sign prior to the Publication of the Regulatuions, then give all the forms to the Permit Secretary with a cheque made payable to R Savery.
The Permit No and the ACU Steward will be allocated at the Board Meeting.
If you cannot attend the Board Meeting the completed forms can be posted to Centre Secretary Jennie Jones prior to the Board Meeting so that the above actions can be dealt with. The Permit will be sent to the Organising Club's Sec of the Meeting, together with the Insurance and Accident forms.

Alternatively, apply for a permit with the Permit Sec as above, and at the same time send a copy of the Regulations to the Centre website editor at editor@acuwesterncentre.org.uk or gasgaspampera@gmail.com. The Permit Sec will send the permit number for your Regulations to the Centre website editor - who will put it on your Regulations, then put your Regulations (with an entry form) on this website. Regulations will not go online without a permit number. Ideally regulations should be sent to the website editor via email but we can take hard copies.

4. Some Landowners may require a copy of the Permit & ACU Insurance policy.

5. If your Trials route crosses a Footpath or Bridle Way you will require Authorisation from the Local County Council prior to the meeting. Cost is 50 plus VAT. You should apply about 6 weeks before the event.

6. Fax or Post details of your event to T&MX News for Regs Available. There are pre-printed forms in T&MX News.

7. Sec of the Meeting to produce Signing On Sheet for the Riders. Signing on sheets are available from the ACU or on the western centre website. (Oops! Not yet!) A list of competitors for the ACU Steward. All paper work to include Permit No.
Under 18 yr old riders require a Parent or Guardian to sign on as well.

8. After event, within 48hrs Complete Accident Form (Only if there are any) and send to insurers, Alexander Forbes Risk Services.
Work out Results, (or get somebody else to) and send to all riders, ACU Steward, Trials Recorder, website editor if you wish to have your results posted on the website, and don't forget the Observers they like a copy as well. Ensure Organising Club Name, Date of Event, Permit No, Riders Name, Class, Club, M/C and of course his/her score is on the Result Sheet.

9. Within 2 wks complete Insurance Form and send to Tom Welch (Centre Treasurer) with a set of Results and the correct Money. Cheque payable to Western Centre A.C.U.

10. If no Protests are received File away Entry Forms, Permit and a copy of Results in a safe place. They have to be kept for 4 yrs.

Useful Addresses you will need. Centre Secretary. Centre Treasurer. Trials Recorder. Permit Secretary. Website Editor.