The Hurran Trial - 21st November 2010

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AN almost immaculate ride from Sam Haslam gave his challengers no room for error in the 64th annual Hurran Trophy Trial.

A dab on each lap of 22 sections was simply too good for all his rivals in a strong Expert field.

The JST Gas Gas rider mastered the slippery banks of the Ebworth estate, losing one at Tim's Bottom on lap one, and another at a deteriorating Fist Full on lap two.

He could afford to take one there, to ensure a safe exit, as his nearest rival Ricky Wiggins had dropped two at the same section on lap one.

The venue is famous for its long climbs, and the 96 starters were not disappointed by the organising Gloucester and Cotswold MC.

Forming a triple of 300cc Gas Gas's on the podium was Shaun Fox. Although he mastered section seven at the Tim's Bottom group on lap one when Haslam and Wiggins had to use dabs, a three on the same section on lap two put him out of contention then the top two cleaned it.

He also had a dab at section three in the Fist Full group. Thats section was a straightforward rasp up a short slipperyslope, then a long steep bank. That presented few problems but the twist in the section's tail was a traverse across an adverse camber near the top of the long climb. Many including the Bewdley man took a steadying dab, while women's world and British number two Becky Cook rescued what looked like a five for a three.

She finished in fourth place ahead of Western Centre champion-elect Henry Bendall, thanks an all out effort to stay aboard and stop the MRS/BVM Sherco 290 from falling back down the slope.

Western Centre and club stalwart Barry Husband had a very good day thanks to consitency which saw only one maximum five mark loss all day.

Kurt Brain headed the clubman/expert class, which attempted half of each class's sections. His 26 mark loss gave him a clear victory.

When it comes to consistency over muddy terrain, Nigel Tomkins is a formidable force and he took the clubman class by one mark, with a seemingly-effortless ride.

The event was moved from a date early in the year to a late Autumn running so it could cope better with sometimes poor weather conditions.

It was first run in 1946 and has had many illustrious winners. The name of Sam Haslam on the Hurran Trophy will sit alongside John Draper, Steve Saunders, and Sammy Miller, and is a worthy addition.

The club would like to thank the landowner for all its help in making the event possible, and the observers for making it happen on the day. [on 22Nov10]

Provisional Results are here. Report to come... [on 22Nov10]

What a great day's trialling - thanks to all the volunteer observers and officials for their efforts, the NT, and the riders for a strong entry list. While the results team beaver away, here's some pictures taken at Sect's 2 and 3. I have dumped the lot in a Picasaweb album, and the best ones will be on this page a bit later. There's also video of Steve Workman, Ricky Wiggins, Henry Bendall, and Sam Haslam having one of just two dabs all day. The results team might have them done tonight (Sunday) and if they are, they will be online by 11pm. Otherwise, check out the site tomorrow night, after 8pm. [on 21Nov10]

Have you entered the Hurran? Check if your name is on the official entry list here (updated, without riding numbers). The course plotters were out on Saturday and the going looks "good to soft" with more grip than the usual January date. Twenty plus sections are planned with climbs and roots to test your skills! [on 17Nov10]

Tension is mounting - the updated entry list is here. Mike Gunn says there will be a few more added to it, but already there's a healthy list of experts ready to take on this very special venue. There's a big clubman entry too. Let battle commence on Sunday... [on 16Nov10]

Intro by: Tom Welch.

Good news, no great news - representatives from the Gloucester and Cotswold MC met with the National Trust on Thursday at The Ebworth centre and agreed that the Hurran Trial could continue its 30 plus year history in Workman's wood at Ebworth.

One concern was noise, and the agreement is that the event will not be open to pre 65 machines. The event has moved from its normal January date to November to allow the land to recover before spring, and to hopefully have a better weather window.

Regulations are out now.. [on 5Oct10]