Please note that these dates are PROVISIONAL and may all be subject to change. All will be subject to COVID-19 measures put in place by the ACU and relevant local restrictions. All Board meetings will also be subject to them running, so check with Secretary.

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Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
January top
3 CHG, New Year Non Expert Trial. Results, Video
8 YDS, Trial Practice.
10 Board Meeting (Normally Includes AGM)
16 G&C, Hurran Trial. Results, Report ACU Western Trials Championship. (Clubman and Higher routes only)
February top
12 YDS, Trial Practice.
13 SVMC, Bill Peters Trial. Stancombe. Results. ACU Western Trials Championship.
14 Board Meeting
20 YDS, Training (Sunday). Video.
March top
6 G&C, Mike Smith Trial. Results
12 YDS, Trial Practice.
13 CHG, Non-Expert Trial. Chedworth. Results, Video, Pictures by Mike Yiend.
14 Board Meeting (Includes AGM - At Gala Club)
20 SVMC, Minchinhampton Trial, Moorhouse Farm. ACU Western C/D/E Trials Championship. Results, Photos by Martin Grindrod
April top
2/3 Ledbury, Grasstrack. Ledbury Leader, Pencombe.
3 Golden Valley, Cotswold Cups Trial. Cancelled.
Zona One, Trial, Bidfield Farm. Results
9 YDS, Trial Practice.
11 Board Meeting
16 YDS, Training (Saturday).
23/24 West Glos, Wyegate 2-Day Long Distance Trial. CANCELLED
May top
7 YDS, Training (Saturday, 10 Year Party).
8 G&C, Summer Series Easy Trial. Round 1. Results.
9 Board Meeting
14 YDS, Trial Practice.
15 Zona One, Tim Fry Trial. Aggs Hill. Results
22 Wye Valley, Stan Hinsley Trial. ACU Western Trials Championship. Results (v2)
June top
5 Malvern, Trial. POSTPONED ACU Western Trials Championship.
11 YDS, Trial Practice.
12 SVMC, Ron Carter Trophies Trial. Ashmead Farm. Results, Photos
13 Board Meeting
18 SVMC, Summer Series Trial Round 1. Selsley. Cancelled.
26 CHG, Trial. ACU Western C/D/E Trials Championship, Results.
July top
9 G&C, Summer Series Trial. Results
11 Board Meeting
17 Zona One, Trial, Bidfield. Postponed
24 Wye Valley, Rockshocks Classic Trials Championship, Trevor Hunt Trial. Rowlestone. Provisional Results,
29/30 YDS, Training Session (Summer Camp), Longtown.
31 West Glos & YDS, Longtown Trial. ACU Western C/D/E Trials Championship, Results on WG site.
August top
6 SVMC, Summer Series Trial. Selsley. Results.
8 Board Meeting
13 YDS, Trial Practice.
21 Ledbury, Grasstrack. Ledbury Flyer. Pencombe.
September top
4 G&C, Trial. ACU Western C/D/E Trials Championship.
10 YDS, Trial Practice.
10 West Glos, Stumpwood (fun) Hill Climb. Details
11 Zona One, Open Trial, Picadilly Farm.
12 Board Meeting
18 West Glos, September Trial. ACU Western Trials Championship. Details.
25 Wye Valley, John Langford Trial. Craswall. ACU Western Trials Championship.
October top
2 SVMC, Solo/Jack Wooldridge Trial. Nympsfield. ACU Western Trials Championship.
8 YDS, Trial Practice.
9 Zona One, Trial, Bidfield.
10 Board Meeting (2023 Dates)
23 CHG, Trial. ACU Western Trials Championship.
29 YDS, Training.
November top
12 YDS, Trial Practice.
14 Board Meeting
20 G&C, Hurran Trial.
27 SVMC, Sapperton Trial. Breakheart.
December top
10 YDS, Trial Practice.
11 ACU Western Centre, Brian Valder Memorial Charity Trial.
12 Board Meeting
17 YDS, Training - Christmas bash afterwards.
26 West Glos, Boxing Day Trial. Bixhead.