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6CHG, Robin's Quarry Easy Trial, CTC, Report & Results
14AGM Board Meeting
3Zona One, Les Davis Trophy Trial, CTC. Results, Photos
10G&C, Hurran Trial, OTC, Centre Championship - Cancelled, ground is too water logged to use.
11Board Meeting
17SVMC,Bill Peters Trial, OTC - Cancelled.
24Wye Valley, Classic Trial, Open - Cancelled, due to three other trials in neighbouring centres on the same day.
5Malvern An evening with Chris Vincent, famous sidecar racer. 8pm at the Malvern Club. Admission �5. Tickets can be booked in advance, call Tom Vivian 01684 311582.
9Ledbury, Gordon Lea Classic Trial Results
10Board Meeting
16G&C, Smith Trial, Open, Centre Championship, CANCELLED on safety grounds.
29West Glos Wyegate LDT, Trial, CTC, 2 day event.
30West Glos Wyegate LDT, Trial, CTC, 2 day event. Results, reports, pictures and more.
2Malvern Talk by John Hill on the Severn Valley Railway. 8pm at the Malvern Club. Admission �3. Tickets can be booked in advance, call Tom Vivian 01684 311582.
6Golden Valley - Cotswold Cups Trial
13Zona One, Dennis Saunders Trophy Trial, CTC Results, Photos
14Board Meeting
20CHG, 15th Sphinx Long Distance Trial, OTC Results. Report
27Wye Valley, Eric Rees Trial, Open Results
Ledbury, Spring Classic GT Results
Mercian, Club, H&H, Cancelled - more details at www.merciandirtriders.co.uk
12Board Meeting
17G&C, Training Day Trial
18West Glos, Trial, CANCELLED
24West Glos, Trail bike Trial, CTC, Results and reports
25Mercian, Club, H&H, Results
1Zona One, Trial, OTC. POSTPONED.
8SVMC, Ron Carter Trophy Trial Results.
9Board Meeting
15G&C, John Husband MTT , Trial Results. More about this event
22Mercian, Club, Great Llwygy H&H, Results can be found at www.merciandirtriders.co.uk
29Wye Valley, Open Trial. Results
5G&C, Whitaker Trial, Open, Results.
13Wye Valley, Stan Hinsley Trial, Open Centre Championship. POSTPONED
Mercian, Club, H&H, More details at www.merciandirtriders.co.uk
14Board Meeting
27Malvern, Trial, Open, Centre Championship Results
2 West Glos, Hillclimb/Trial, CTC Results, Pictures and Reports
3CHG, Trial, OTC. Results and Report.
10Wye Valley, Stan Hinsley Trial, Open Centre Championship. Results & Report.
11Board Meeting
24Malvern, Pre-75, National GT, Results
West Glos, Enduro, CTC Postponed - details here
POSTPONED - Zona One, Trial, OTC
25Ledbury, Bank Holiday Monday, Peterchurch Show. Results and report.
31Mercian, Club, H&H, More details at www.merciandirtriders.co.uk
G&C, Drake & Gibb , Trial, Open. Results.
7CHG, Trial, OTC. Results, report.
8Board Meeting
14West Glos, Stony Green Trial, OTC, Results and report
20G&C, Trial, Open. CANCELLED
21Wye Valley, Classic Trial, Open. CANCELLED.
28Wye Valley, Trevor Hunt Trophy Trial - Road Trial. Provisional Results, a rider's view
Ledbury, Leader, GT
5West Glos, Moto Britanica/Sidecargate LDT Trial, Open - Results, report
Malvern, Trial, Restricted, Centre Championship Results
12Wye Valley, Percy Chadney Trial, Open Centre Championship Results
13Board Meeting
19Mercian, Club, H&H, More details at www.merciandirtriders.co.uk
26Wye Valley, Classic Trial, Open - CANCELLED.
SVMC, Jack Woolridge Trial, Centre Championship - Results, Report .
2Zona One, Andy Bubb Trial, OTC - Results, Photos on PhotoBucket
10Board Meeting
16SVMC, Sapperton Trial, Centre Championship - CANCELLED
Ledbury - Les Burry, Classic Trial.
23G&C, Matthew Trial, OTC, Centre Championship. Results, Report
2Centre Trials Committee Meeting. Details.
7CHG, John Draper Memorial Trial, Open, Results and more
8Board Meeting
9Clerk of Course Seminar, Trials and Enduro.
14SVMC, Southern Experts Trial, Results, reports, pictures and more
26West Glos, Boxing Day Trial, OTC Results, Reports, pictures, and video
28Zona One, Trial, CTC - CANCELLED
12AGM, Board Meeting