CHG Don't Panic! Trial, Monmouth

Report by Steve Venn

In spite of all the recent wet weather Cheltenham HG managed to run a trial at Sam Wilson's wood near Monmouth on Sunday.

This wood is known to be steep and slippery, so the course markers wisely plotted the course on the higher better-drained land.

Fortunately the rain stayed away during the trial, and generally an enjoyable days riding was had by the 42 entries. 4 laps of 10 sections were planned with most proving rideable but tough thought out the trial. There was no one to challenge expert winner Simon Welch who made light work of the cambered root infested climbs, with a brilliant display of power and throttle control.

Runner Up with a very creditable ride was schoolboy Jake Evan-Luter. Best on the 50/50 route was Ashley Reed, and best alternative route rider was Scott Faulkner.

Some of the competitors were riding out of centre (Eds note: The venue is just in England, and in the Western Centre) and were made most welcome by the club, and they proved well able to cope with the changeable conditions.

Section 4 deteriorated very quickly and had to be eased after the first lap. Section 9 had very few cleans on the hard standard route but produced many clean rides on the easier alternative route.

Cheltenham HG as usual make an extra effort to have all sections manned and observed, and we are as ever grateful to the volunteers who helped us with running our trials.

  • Standard Route
  • Winner: Simon Welch (Beta) 7
  • R/UP: Jake Evans-Luter(Beta)18
  • S/BA: Leo Rochfort (Beta)74
  • 50/50
  • Best: Ashley Reed(Beta)50
  • O/40: Rob Faulkner(Scorpa)52
  • INT: Ian Bridson(Beta)72
  • Alternative
  • Best: Scott Faulkner(Scorpa)22
  • 0/40: Glyn Smith(Sherco)34
  • O/50: Dai Clothier(GasGas)48
  • Novice: Dave Williams(GasGas)61
  • Results