CHG Hazleton Robin's Quarry Easy Trial 6 Jan 2008

Report by Steve Venn

CHELTENHAM HOME GUARD MCC Held a New Year club trial at Robins quarry Hazleton on Sunday. 3 Laps of 14 twin route sections kept the 75 riders entertained with a day of steady trials riding in the wintry sunshine.

100% concentration was needed to avoid dropping the odd slack dab, as the sections were as intended on the easy side, but some proved a little trickier then anticipated as the rocks had a light covering of early morning frost.

The course became easier with the passing of wheels, packing down the loose rocks with a clear line soon developing for competitors to follow through the sections.

Seasoned campaigners tackled the standard route, with good consistent rides being recorded by many.

Best ride was 4 marks lost by Jason Aylett on his Honda twin shock showing that latest kit is not needed. Dave Morris continues his return to form with 7 marks lost.

Expert Dan Clarke cleaned the trial but was not eligible for an award as this was the club's easy non-expert trial.

The easier alternative route returned some creditable performances of note with joint winners Mike Jurgens, Rob Halliday, William Sabin and Rusty Hart all losing no marks.

Local club member Guy Mansfield-Smith came out on top of the trail bike class beating Birmingham's Paul Taft. Thanks to the observers for standing out in the cold.

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