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Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec (Neighbouring Centre's Events)
02CHG (CtC) Hazleton Easy Trial Report (and main results)
09Centre Board Meeting AGM
15CENTRE CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND 1. Hurran Trial (OtC) - G&C - Results(PDF) A report by David Stanley is on Trials Central site
04West Glos Dinner - More info on their website
12CENTRE CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND 2. SVMC(OtC) Bill Peters Trial at Dursley - Results
13Centre Board Meeting
19CHG (National) Barrett - LDT Trail Bike Trial - Results - Report
05Wye Valley Auto Club - Classic Bike Trial - Club Series Round 1 - Results Page 1 Page 2 (Note these are JPG images, you may wish to right-click and choose 'Save Target As...' or Post an SAE to Sec of Meeting Trevor for a full traditional paper set.) Chris Gardiner's Report
13Centre Board Meeting
19Golden Valley National Long Distance Trial
CENTRE CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND 3. G&C (OtC) Smith Trial at Winstone - Results
26West Glos (CtC) Wyegate Long Distance Trial - Provisional results and more information is available on their website.
Malvern Novice (OtC) Trial
09Minchinhampton Cup - SVMC (OtC) Trial - Results
10Centre Board Meeting
23CHG (CtC) Sphinx - Long Distance Trial - Results (More details onCHG's own website.) (Alternatively read Ben's report on West Glos' Site)
Ledbury (OtC) Spring Classic Grasstrack - A report is now on the news section of their own site www.ledburymcc.co.uk
30Wye Valley Auto Club (OtC) Classic Bike Trial Round 2 - Lodge Wood Dulas - Results - Report
07CENTRE CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND 4. Malvern (OtC) Trial - Amended Best Novice!Results
08Centre Board Meeting
14CENTRE CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND 5. West Glos (Open) Stoney Green Trial - Results (Updated version 5!) Photos on the West Glos Site
20G&C (OtC) Matthew Trial - Results
10MX1/MX2 World Championship
11SVMC(Open) The Ron Carter Trophies Trial - Results
MX1/MX2 World Championship
12Centre Board Meeting
17BYMX National MX
G&C Trial Training Day
18Malvern (OtC) Grasstrack -
G&C (Open) Trial ACU Benevolent Fund - Provisional Results
BYMX National MX
25Wye Valley Auto Club (Open)- Clyro - Classic Bike Trial Rnd 3 - Results, and Chris Gardiner's Report
04The Clerk of Course regional training Seminar for Trials & Enduro went well thanks to Julian Bishop. Seminar report here.
08G&C (OtC) Whitaker Shield Trial - Results
09CHG (CtC) 2 Stage Trial (More details on CHG's own website.)
10Centre Board Meeting
16Pontrilas/RHL National MX British
CENTRE CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND 6. WV (OtC) Stan Hinsley Trial - Results
30Malvern (OtC) Trial - Storridge - Cancelled
12West Glos (CtC) Hill Climb - Report, Pictures and full results on their website
Pontrilas/RHL National MX British MX1/MX2
13Wye Valley Auto Club (OtC) Classic Bike Trial Rnd 4 - Results Report
14Centre Board Meeting
20(Sunday) G&C (OtC) Drake & Gibb Trial - Results
27CHG (CtC) 2 Stage Trial
MDR Hare & Hounds Enduro near Abergavenny - - Results and more info on their website at (www.merciandirtriders.co.uk) - Plus more info on our Gazette Enduro Page
28Ledbury - (OtC) Peterchurch Show Grasstrack. More details on their own website www.ledburymcc.co.uk
02/03Inter Centre Team Trial - Eastern Centre
10Wye Valley (CtC) Trial - Olchan Reunion
11Centre Board Meeting
17South Birmingham MC - Pre65 Inter Centre Team Trial
23UK Motocross Des Nations
24Ledbury 'Leader' Grasstrack. - More details on their own website www.ledburymcc.co.uk
UK Motocross Des Nations
01G&C (OtC) Cotton Trial - Results
08CENTRE CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND 7. Malvern (OtC) Trial - Results
West Glos (National) Moto Britanica Classic bike Trial (incorporating the Sidecargate) - Info, Photos and Results
09Centre Board Meeting
15CENTRE CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND 8. Wye Valley Auto Club (OtC) Trial - Postponed. Entries carried over to 29th Oct. Results
MDR Hare & Hounds Enduro - CANCELLED - more details on their website www.merciandirtriders.co.uk)
28West Glos (CtC)Old Hendre Trail Bike Trial - info
29Wye Valley Auto Club (OtC) Combined Trial - Rearranged CENTRE CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND 8 With Classic Bike Trial at Bowley Court, Bodenham - Results - Report
05G&C (OtC) John Husband Memorial Team Trial - Report and More about this special event. - Results
West Glos (CtC) Border 100 Hare & Hounds Enduro - Postponed, check their website for more Details, Regs and Info
12Remembrance Sunday
13Centre Board Meeting
19SVMC(OtC) Sapperton Cup Trial - Results
3CHG - John Draper Trial (National) - Results
11Centre Board Meeting
26CENTRE CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND 10. West Glos (OtC) Boxing Day Trial - Provisional Results - More info on their website