The Hubbo Team Trial - 5th Nov 2006

Report by James Welch and intro by Simon Welch


(Results are now in, and what a fabulous day for this event. Pictured right - Barry Husband keeping a clean sheet but losing out to a modern machine on the special test for the best expert award. Congratulations to John Luff and his team on winning the Team trophy. Ed.)

Editor has a few photos from the JHTT, send him an email with your riding No if you would like a copy.

The James report.

Sunday saw the third running of Gloucester and Cotswolds John Husband team trial. This trial is unique as it consisted of 14 teams made up of an expert and 3 other members of mixed ability, the winning team is the team with lowest total score, so everyone counts.

The 56 starters faced 12 sections over roots, rocks and loose banks. John Luff guided his team to first overall with a total score of just 72, especially impressive with the 2 novices A.Ridley and J.Powell putting in stunning scores, though the team was helped by the class of schoolboy S.Thompson. Second best team were Colin Bailey's on 97, this was very impressive as they didn't have a single expert, just two very talented and experience men on 4RT's and rising schoolboy star Matt Christopher.

The individual honours were very tightly contested with both Simon Welch and Barry husband going to the special test on clean, but it was Welch who took the honours on the special and the day as Husband struggled on a BSA even older, smellier and heavier than Tom Welch. Matt Welch looked set to finish third but his nerves cracked and he dabbed on section10, however this meant nothing after a woeful time on the special test that left onlookers wondering if his bike was stuck in first gear (it wasn't ha ha). Benzo Bowkett was left to ponder a dab on the very first section all day as his score of 1 meant he took youth A and Mathew Christopher simply kicked his dad's ass in the family rivalry on his way to youth B glory.

The carefree style of Chris Morris paid off as he had a stunning day, not only did he set lowest score in his team but he won best Novice, set the fastest time on the special test and ate my lunch, all wearing jeans and a T-shirt. This week's 2 rides of the day, firstly Eddie Hinckley who impressed all with his efforts and bravery all day, even after some tumbles. Secondly Bazza 'the man' Husbands who went clean on his BSA and showed style all day. The day was again a great success and we can't wait to run next years already, Thanks all observers and experts for your help and patience.

Simon Welch's Introduction to the Trial

It's that time of Year again, when the Gloucester and Cotswold motor club are running the John Husband Memorial Team Trial. The trial is in memory of one of the most well known characters of the western centre and will take place on the 5th November at 10:30am, sign posted off the A4173 Gloucester to Stroud road. John, or as he was best known Hubbo, was father to former western centre champ Barry Husband, and well known for building highly competitive pre65 machines, and his grass track exploits as number 67.

Each rider in the trial will be split by ballot into 3 or 4 man teams, consisting of one expert and 3 or 4 novices (Intermediates and schoolboys/girls placed according to experience) and the average score of the whole team determines the overall position of the team, in addition to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place team awards, there will also be an award for best all pre65 team.

The emphasis of the trial is on the expert supporting the novices to achieve the lowest possible score for the team, and of course on having a good time.


This year Gloucester and Cotswold have kindly been loaned a new venue at Range Farm, Brookthorpe, organised by the Bridson family, which offers great scope for sections. The course will consist of sections of varying degrees of difficulty and will provide a great days sport for the newest of beginners and the most experienced of experts. There will be deviations on some sections for pre65 machines, and the inclusion a special test, something which has always proved entertaining.

If previous years events are anything to go by you won't want to miss this chance to either give a little back to the sport (the experts), or to gain some free advice (novices), all in the memory of Hubbo.