PROVISONAL: Please note that these dates are subject to change.

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2 (Monday)CHG New Year Easy Trial, Closed to Club. Results
15G&C, Drake & Gibb Trial, Open. CENTRE CHAMPIONSHIP. Results 16 Jan 2017, 07:15
5 Zona One, Trial, Open, Les Davis Trophy. Birdlip. Results
5Wye Valley CENTRE CHAMPIONSHIP Stan Hinsley Trial. Cancelled.
12West Glos, Wyegate Long Distance Trial. National. Results, Reports
19 G&C, CENTRE CHAMPIONSHIP, Smith Trial. Results 19Mar2017 22:10
26SVMC Minchinhampton Cup Trial. Clubman Championship, Open. Results v2 26Mar2017 17:00
2 Golden Valley, Cotswold Cups Trial. ?
Postponed: Zona One, Trial, Open, Tim Fry Land Rovers Trial, Aggs Hill.
9Ledbury, Spring Leader Grasstrack. Results
CHG, John Draper Trial, CENTRE CHAMPIONSHIP. Results v2 11Apr2017 22:33
29(Sat)West Glos, Rockfield Open Novice Trial. Results, Pics.
6 (Sat) G&C, Summer Series Trial, Rd 1 Brookthorpe. Results v2 08May2017 08:40
14 Zona One, Dennis Saunders Trial, Bidfield Farm. Results.
24(Wed)Zona One, Trial, Closed to Club, Zona 1 Cup Summer Evening Championship, Round 1, Nettleton Quarry, Birdlip. Results.
4CHG Non Expert Trial. Clubman Championship. Results 4 Jun 2017 20:30
11SVMC, Ron Carter Trial. Results V2 13 Jun 2017 23:00
14(Wed)Zona One, Trial, Closed to Club, Zona 1 Cup Summer Evening Championship, Round 2, Bidfield Farm. Results
18Malvern, Trial. Bodenham. CENTRE CHAMPIONSHIP, Results 21 Jun 2017 22:31
24Ledbury, Evening Grasstrack.
01(Sat)CANCELLED - West Glos, Pingry Open Novice Trial. Details..
5(Wed)Zona One, Trial, Closed to Club, Zona 1 Cup Summer Evening Championship, Round 3. Regulations, Entry Form, Enter OnLine.
8 (Sat)G&C, Open Whitaker Trial, Summer Series Trial, Rd 2 Syde. Regulations, Entry Form
16Wye Valley Trevor Hunt Trophy, Kia Twinshock Championship. Regulations, Entry Form.
23CHG Non-Expert Trial. Regulations, Entry Form
30West Glos Trial, Longtown. Clubman Championship (Day 3 of YDS Summer training Camp)
6G&C, Trial. Clubman Championship & GC's Summer series, Rd 3 Longhope.
20Ledbury, Flyer Grasstrack.
TBCG&C, Cotton Trial, Open.
17Zona One, John Workman Trial, Bidfield Farm. Regulations, Entry Form, Enter OnLine.
West Glos Moto Britanica Trial
24 CHG, Sphinx Long Distance Trial
1SVMC Stroud Solo/Jack Wooldridge Trial. CENTRE CHAMPIONSHIP, Open.
8Zona One, ACU British Championship Sidecar Trial.
15Wye Valley John Langford Trial, Open, CENTRE CHAMPIONSHIP.
12 Remembrance Sunday. No events.
19G&C, Hurran Trial, Open.
26SVMC Sapperton Cup Trial. Open.
3Zona One, Race Techniques Trial, Birdlip. Open. Regulations, Entry Form, Enter OnLine.
26 West Glos, Boxing Day Trial, Open.