CHG Sphinx Trial - ACU Trailbike Championship 2017

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Report by Ben Falconer. Pic by Colin Jones.

Goff Hannam keeps an eagle eye on Rider/Observer/Reporter Ben Falconer at the impossible section 29. Apologies for the nepotic inclusion of this shot but it was the only rider I've got. Colin - ed.

Reigning ACU Trailbike trials champion Chris Koch made it three wins from three and looks set to win a third successive crown after Cheltenham Home Guard MCC’s 24th annual Sphinx Long Distance Trial.

He was the only rider to clean all 30 sections set out mainly in groups around the Cotswolds, just above Cheltenham. He was also the quickest rider on the special test tie breaker..

Second placed Martin Gilbert dropped a dab in front of Ben Williams in Humblebee Woods, Sudeley where a hop over a broken tree trunk was followed by a sharp turn up a short steep bank, then another at Andrew Luff’s very steep climb out of a muddy gully with little run-up, before dropping three in the penultimate section observed by birthday boy Goff Hannam..

A tight turn out of a streambed and through trees required pinpoint accuracy or the ability to hop the bike, and only Koch cleaned it. Adam Colburn dropped a two and Mike Roberts a dab here – everyone else took three or five..

Section eight saw Koch’s hopping skills employed to good effect for a clean whereas Gilbert, Colburn and Roberts all took one each. And on section 27 in Withington, only two others recorded a clean on Andrew Luff’s card. Anthony Griffiths shot up the bank, and so too Ray Samways on a Honda CRF 230..

Two stroke Gas Gas Pamperas and Sherco X Rides were underneath nine of the top 15 finishers. The next and final round is West of England MCC’s Moor to Sea Trial on Sunday, October 8..

Results (top 15 championship points scorers)