CHG 15th Annual Sphinx Trial, April 20, 2008

Report and Photos by Ben Falconer Results

Sphinx_20Apr08SteveSaunders_125THE 15th annual Sphinx Long Distance Trial gave 120 riders a long day of relatively easy sections - though only three riders recorded clean sheets.

Those who conquered the trials country of the Cotswolds were Gavin Moore, Steve Saunders and Andy Lloyd. The trio were only split by special test times, with Moore coming out on top by just over one second from the multi-British trials champ and former world number two.

Sphinx_20Apr08DaveEeles_125Moore and Lloyd may have had the better of a section in the Langley group, which had deteriorated to a single slot by the time Saunders arrived. But the acknowledged master of mud still found a way through and picked up the Geoff Gibbons Memorial Trophy for the best Western Centre trail bike rider.

Two more riders dabbed only once in the 30 observed sections club officials class winner Dave Eeles and pre-65 victor Martin Bell.

Sphinx_20Apr08SteveHancox_125Liam O'Reilly's ride for two marks lost was pretty impressive too, as was course plotter Steve Venn's, as both were mounted on enduro machines. They finished one mark ahead of Steve Hancox and Mark Kirby, who made a long trip from home just to be at the event he put so much in to in past years.

The Cheltenham Home Guard MCC trial has always attracted a good spread of abilities and it caters for all, who want to enjoy an old style event in the Cotswolds.

Sphinx_20Apr08Mark Kirby_125It started and finished at Hazleton village hall, where its committee embrace the event with great enthusiasm, and help give the trial that "old time" feel. Many sections took in famous lanes including Pear Tree, Mill Lane, and Greenway in an 89 mile route.

Thanks to all landowners and observers for their assistance in making the event possible.

Sphinx_20Apr08BillBrown_125 Sphinx_20Apr08BobMiles_125 Sphinx_20Apr08BusterGriffin_125 Sphinx_20Apr08ColinDavis_125 Sphinx_20Apr08DaveHarris_125 Sphinx_20Apr08GrahamSmith_125 Sphinx_20Apr08IanThompson_125 Sphinx_20Apr08MarkThornhill_125 Sphinx_20Apr08PaulTaft_125 Sphinx_20Apr08PeteRobson_125 Sphinx_20Apr08RobertDavis1_125 Sphinx_20Apr08RobertDavis2_125 Sphinx_20Apr08RobertDavis3_125 Sphinx_20Apr08StanHowitt_125 Sphinx_20Apr08SteveSaunders1_125 sphinx08_darrent_125 sphinx08_mworgan_125 sphinx08_nickworgan_125 Sphinx_20Apr08SamWilson_125