PROVISONAL: Please note that these dates are subject to change.

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7CHG, New Year Easy Trial, Closed to Club.
8Board Meeting
14G&C, Drake & Gibb Trial, Open. CENTRE CHAMPIONSHIP.
4 Zona One, Les Davis Trophy Trial, Open. Birdlip.
12Board Meeting
18SVMC, Bill Peters Trial, Open. CENTRE CHAMPIONSHIP.
4Wye Valley, Stan Hinsley Trial, Open.
12Board Meeting
18West Glos, Wyegate Long Distance Trial. National. ACU Trailbike Championship Round.
18 G&C,, Smith Trial, Open. CENTRE CHAMPIONSHIP.
25SVMC, Minchinhampton Cup Trial, Open.
25 Golden Valley, Cotswold Cups Trial. Open.
8Ledbury, Spring Leader Grasstrack.
CHG, John Draper Trial, Open, CENTRE CHAMPIONSHIP.
9Board Meeting
15Zona One, Trial, Open, Tim Fry Land Rovers Trial, Aggs Hill. CENTRE CHAMPIONSHIP.
5 (Sat) G&C, Summer Series Trial, Rd 1 Brookthorpe.
14Board Meeting
20 Zona One, Dennis Saunders Trial.
3CHG, Non Expert Trial.
6(Wed)Zona One, Trial, Closed to Club, Zona 1 Cup Summer Evening Championship.
10SVMC, Ron Carter Trial. Open.
11Board Meeting
17Malvern, Trial. Bodenham. CENTRE CHAMPIONSHIP,
23Ledbury, Evening Grasstrack.
27(Wed)Zona One, Trial, Closed to Club, Zona 1 Cup Summer Evening Championship.
7 (Sat)G&C, Open Whitaker Trial, Summer Series Trial, Syde.
9Board Meeting
11(Wed)Zona One, Trial, Closed to Club, Zona 1 Cup Summer Evening Championship.
15Wye Valley, Trevor Hunt Trophy. Open.
22CHG, Non-Expert Trial. Open.
13Board Meeting
19Ledbury, Flyer Grasstrack.
2West Glos, Stony Green or Bixhead Trial. CENTRE CHAMPIONSHIP.
8 (Sat)G&C, Cotton Trial. Open. GC's Summer series, Longhope.
9Zona One, John Workman Trial, Bidfield Farm.
10Board Meeting
23 CHG, Sphinx Long Distance Trial. National. ACU Trailbike Championship.
7SVMC, Stroud Solo/Jack Wooldridge Trial, Open. CENTRE CHAMPIONSHIP.
8Board Meeting
14Wye Valley, John Langford Trial, Open, CENTRE CHAMPIONSHIP.
28ACU Western, Brian Valder Memorial Charity Trial. Open. CENTRE CHAMPIONSHIP.
11 Remembrance Sunday. No events.
12Board Meeting
18G&C, Hurran Trial, Open.
25SVMC, Sapperton Trial. Open.
2Zona One, Race Techniques Trial, Open.
10Board Meeting
26 West Glos, Boxing Day Trial, Open.