ACU Western 2018 Trials Championship Explained - Hopefully!

Our Trials Recorder John 'Laurence' Luff together with the Trials Committee have finalised the format for 2018. (Note: any updates will be highlighted Blue for a few weeks to help viewers spot changes.)

Table of Current Championship Points.

Previous Year's Winners

Next Year 2019 - There are implications for the 2018 winners of each adult class. Winners must ride up a route if they are to gain points. The exceptions are, of course, Experts, who can't get any higher, and Over 50's who are allowed to remain on the Sports Plus route. Winners can stay on the same route but will be inelligible for points.

For more info contact the Trials recorder by email:

The Rounds:

  1. Glos and Cotwold - Drake and Gibb Trial 4/01
  2. Stroud Valley - Bill Peters Trial 18/02
  3. Glos and Cotswold - Smith Trial 04/03 - Cancelled
  4. Zona 1 - Tim Fry Land Rovers Trial08/04
  5. CHG - John Draper Trial 15/04 - Cancelled
  6. Wye Valley - Stan Hinsley Trial 27/05
  7. Malvern - Bodenham Trial 17/06
  8. West Glos - Stony Green Trial 02/09
  9. Stroud Valley - Stroud Solo Trial 30/09
  10. Wye Valley - John Langford Trial 14/10 - Cancelled
  11. ACU Western - Brain Valder Trial 28/10

Now 8 Round Championship with 7 rounds to count. If another round is cancelled the championship will run 7 rounds with 6 to count. Dates are fixed in January, if a round is cancelled it can not be run on a new date.

The Classes

Note; Class Numbers - Some results sheets may be tight for space and classes may be abbreviated to the numbers declared on the entry form so here is a quick cross reference.

1 - Open, 2 - Over 50, 3 - Youth A, 4 - Youth B, 5 - Youth C, 6 - Youth D, 7 - Youth E.

Riders, look for class you want to/should ride in along the top of the columns
Championship Classes
Routes Exp C/E Clb S+ >50 Sp Y/A Y/B Y/C Y/D Y/E Notes
Expert x           x         Experts can't exactly move up a route if they win!
Clubman/Expertoxn    xx    
Clubman oxn   xx    
Sports+  oxnxn xxx   
Sportsman   ooxnxxx   
Conducted Hard         xx Rounds to be identified with Regs.
Conducted Standard         xxRounds to be identified with Regs.
Key to codes: x Points can be gained in this combination (Youth riders may not be eligible for more difficult routes, Reg's will say. This is a CofC's choice.)
n No Points can be gained if you've been a winner of this class within previous 2 years (unless >50 as you don't have to move up a route!) You will get points for the next route if you move up a route, of course.
o Can ride this route for no points (Riding down a level while injured etc.)
info Points can be gained if riding up a route by choice as long as remain on that route all year - Or, Ride up a route for no points. (Possibly only the higher route's points should be allowed as otherwise could be pot-hunting!) Only one selected route eligible per year ie no dodging routes to cherry-pick.

Some rounds may not include Sportmans plus, Sportsman or Conducted Routes, please check event regulations to confirm.

Winners of a championship class will move up a route for the next year, or ride as no award for the next two years.

Method of Marking

The Championship will be held under TSR22B - Non Stop.

Championship Points

Championship points will be awarded to the top 15 eligible finishers in each class at each round on the following scale:

Should a Tie occur it is to be resolved in accordance with TSR23A. Riders who score points in one championship class shall not be eligible for points in another championship class.

Championship Ties.

Should a tie occur in a Championship series it shall be decided as follows: