Ledbury Leader Grasstrack - 9th April 2017

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Official Results from today's meeting, The Ledbury Leader.

    Auto Cadet

  • 1st George Colvin
  • 2nd Leyland Phillips
  • 3rd Charlotte Arthur


  • 1st Zak Batey


  • 1st Cameron Taylor
  • 2nd Sonny Springer
  • 3rd Freddie Fox-Baron
  • 4th Aidan Arthur
  • 5th Max Derrick
  • 6th Stevie Lonsdale


  • 1st Nathan Alder
  • 2nd Taylor Springer

    250cc Solo

  • 1st Charlie Brooks
  • 2nd David Knowles
  • 3rd Henry Atkins
  • 4th Tim Greig
  • 5th Graham Thomas
  • 6th Russell Little

    350cc Solo

  • 1st Andy Mellish
  • 2nd Mark Taylor
  • 3rd Dave Mears
  • 4th Barry Powell
  • 5th Charlie Saunders
  • 6th Wayne Broadhurst

    500cc Solo

  • 1st James Shanes
  • 2nd David Howe
  • 3rd Tim Nobes
  • 4th Luke Harris
  • 5th Ben Millichap
  • 6th Dan Winterton

    Pre 75

  • 1st Chris Mackett
  • 2nd Dave Hammond
  • 3rd Kenny Blain
  • 4th Colin Harris
  • 5th Dave Burry
  • 6th Vincent Priestley


  • 1st Mike Dowling
  • 2nd Ian Dudley
  • 3rd Chris Malone
  • 4th Nigel Coates
  • 5th Tim Curnock
  • 6th Neil Copestake

    500cc Sidecar

  • 1st Josh Goodwin/Liam Brown
  • 2nd Mitch Godden/Paul Smith
  • 3rd Dave Carvill/Cameron Godden
  • 4th Scott Dunn/Scott Goodwin
  • 5th Barrie Bennett/Eifion Hughes
  • 6th Shaun Hughes/Louis Bennett

    1000cc R/H Sidecars

  • 1st Rob Wilson/Terry Saunters
  • 2nd Matthew Fumarola/Gareth Williams
  • 3rd Simon Heal/Rowland Broomfield
  • 4th Tom Cossar/Ryan Barker
  • 5th Joe Mogg/Jake Cutler
  • 6th Mark Cossar/Carl Blyth

Ledbury MCC would like to extend huge thanks to all the Riders for coming to race today, and special thanks to the Youth Riders for joining us for the first time at Ledbury, we hope you will come to race with us again.

What a display of talent and great racing in all classes today and a fantastic opening meeting to the 2017 season. We send all good wishes to all riders that took spills today, and wish you all speedy recoveries.

Special thanks to; Matt Wear COC for getting us through a very busy schedule, all Marshal's for a hot, long and busy day, Jason our Paramedic and his Medical Team, for another sterling job looking after the injured riders, Pit Box ladies and Gent, for keeping every thing flowing, the very busy Gate Ladies, Lap Scorers and Point Recorders who were kept very busy, Colin Martin for keeping everyone updated with information, Start and Finish Marsall's and all the other volunteers, club members and friends of Ledbury MCC for all their help, the list and thanks is endless and apologies for missing anyone out.

Lastly we would like to thank all the Sponsors of today's meeting and of course all the Spectators/Fans. We hope you all enjoyed your day, arrived home safely and that you will all come and join us to do it all again. Thank You all.