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West Glos Enduro, October 3 2010 - Postponed

The West Glos Enduro set for October 3 is off, unfortunately - though keep an eye on the clubsite, for news of a possible re-arranged date.

[On: 21Jun10 23:26]

West Glos Chicken Farm Enduro Results

Results are out now on the club's site, with a report to follow soon.

[On: 21Jul10 22:00]

STOP PRESS: Late entries available for West Glos Enduro, July 18 2010

Entries are now available for the Chicken Farm Hare and Hounds until Friday before the event. There's a good entry for this new course, but a few more won't hurt and there should still be plenty of room on the start line. There's more details on the club's site, including regulations and entry form. There's no entries on the day, however. The West Glos 4th annual hare and hounds promises to be a great sportsman/clubman/trailbike event. Run at a new venue in the centre (there's a clue in the slight name change of the event), this is an event run by experienced enduro enthusiasts. In fact they've got 100s of years experience between them! So if you're a newby who fancies a steady day, it could be worth a go, right through to some of the faster clubmen.

[On: 14Jul10 06:38]

West Glos Enduro, October 3 2010

Not content with one enduro at a new venue, West Glos have plans in the pipeline for another. The date is October 3 - keep an eye on the clubsite, as news emerges of this exciting new event. Word has it that it will be enduro with a twist...

[On: 21Jun10 23:26]

Swindon Corinium Enduro, April 11 2010

A whopping 156-strong entry enjoyed yet another great day out in Cirencester Park on April 11, 2010. The Swindon club runs 2 traditional timecard enduros here in the Western Centre each year and thanks to Bretton King's excellent report results and pictures, you can get a great flavour of this classic event in the enduro calendar. [On: 13Apr10 22:16]

WTRA Red Kite Success, April 3 2010

Western Centre success in WTRA's Red Kite enduro 2010 has booted this part of the site back in to life! There's actually a fair bit of enduro content on this site but look out for archived Enduro articles and results drawn together on this page.

Let's offer congratulations to Haines and Co boss Anthony Moore who won the Veteran Clubman aboard the new Gas Gas 250 4 stroke, James Wilden who won the Sportsman class on the 2T 250 Gas Gas, and the Bishop brothers and Steve Biddle - all three were at the sharp end of the Experts, all on KTMs. Spot a few more Western Centre names in the right area of the results in a pretty tough enduro. [On: 5Apr10 21:43]

Words by temporary Enduro sub-editor (anybody want the job?) - Colin Jones

2007 has been a very progressive year for the centre with 4 Hare and hounds events and 2 Time Card Enduros. Mercian Dirt Riders are getting big entries and sending home lots of happy riders. They also have plans to run up to 6 events next year.More details on their website

West Glos with a new style of event for them and with a couple of new organisers pulling their weight ran a great event but excluded MX bikes which left their entry down a bit but was great for the beginners, Clubmen and Trail bikes.(Chicken Run H&H).

Our neighbouring Wessex Centre's Swindon Club ran 2 superb time Cards in our Centre's Cirencester Park namely the Corinium and the Foxwell. Results can be found here (They are having some difficulty with their website at present!)

For those of you who are new to the Hare and Hounds variant of Enduros, there is an excellent guide for novices on the Mercian Website, written and illustrated by Rob Sedman with help from Phill Hodges. Have a read