Awards Night - June 12, The Hubbo Team Trial - June 13



Mike Clarke enjoyed a the G&C weekend experience and reports: I would like to make comment on this weekends awards night and team trial held at Maisemore. Firstly a thank you to all concerned at the Glos and Cots for a very enjoyable evening in the Rising sun.

Rubbish game of football on TV to start , but you can't blame the club for a goal keeping error! Then some good wholesome grub ,followed by the presentation of awards.

Finally a nail biting game of killer on the skittle ally. A really good night enjoyed by all I think, with the exception of England's goalie of course. It is just a shame more people couldn't be there to accept their awards.

A crowd of us then spent the night camping or sleeping in vans ,in Max Hawkins field. To be woken in the morning to lashings of bacon eggs sausage tea & coffee. Fantastic way to start the day and a big thank you to Max and Sue for being such warm hosts ( you really should open a b&b).

Then the team trial, 2 words sum it up GREAT FUN . More events like this one would be great in my book. It,s just a shame to only have 25 riders at such a fun event. The rest of you obviously aren't team players , but you don't know what your missing. Big thanks to all concerned

Are you a winner?

If so then you have won either a Gloucester and Cotswold MC award, or a Western Centre award in 2009 and the Gloucester and Cots club/ Western Centre would very much like to present you with it on 12th June at an informal presentation evening at The Rising Sun Hartpury - Details. Please let Tom Welch know if you cannot attend so that alternative arrangements can be made for you to receive your award. Contact Tom on 01989 750 298. If you are on this list, you have won an award :
A Perry, A Ridley, A Steele, B Bishop, B Husband, B King, B Toms, B Wilmore, C Oakley, C Wickham, D Screen, D Thornhill, F Adams, G Talbot, H Bendall, I Bridson, J Bliss, J Cowley, J Luff, M Christopher, M Clarke, M James, M Saunders, M Welch, M Woodward, Mark Hawkins, Miss R Cook, N Pekala, N Tomkins, N Toms, O Pekala, R Faulkner, R Fowler, R Smith, S Faulkner, S Fox, S Hillman, S.Welch, T Cole, T Cowley, T Hinckley, T Wheeler, W King.

And this list too:
S Welch, J Luff, H Bendall, M Welch, B Husband, T Hinckley, I Bridson, G Smith, A Perry, N Pekala, C Wickham, O Pekala, J Hoare

[on 3Jun10]

The Gloucester and Cotswold Motor Club are holding their very popular Team Trial on 13th June at Maisemore near Gloucester.

This unusual annual event celebrates the life of John Husband (Hubbo), a colourful character for many decades in the Western Centre, and father of former Western Centre champion Barry Husband.

The format is simple; all entries are put in 2 pots, experts and novices, the day before the Trial and the Clerk of the course pulls out one Expert and the 3 novices/Youths to form a team.

The expert then helps the novice riders to keep their team score as low as possible. The event is run under an open permit so get your entry in early by contacting S.O.M Matt Welch on 01989750298 or pick up supplementary regulations and an entry form on the calendar.

See how it's been run before

And why not make a weekend of it and camp over?

Gloucester and Cotswold MC has kindly agreed to incorporate the Western Centre awards in to its awards night on June 12. Last season's presentation was a great night - an opportunity to acknowledge our winners, and enjoy a pint or two and food in good company. The Rising Sun, Hartpury, hosts the night on June 12, and The John Husband Team Trial will follow the day after, a stone's throw away. The pub is off the A417 a few miles north of Gloucester. Limited camping will be available - Matt or Tom Welch should be able to provide details. No doubt Mike Gunn will mark the pub with Castrol orange arrows just to make it easy on the navigationally-challenged! All in the centre, and our many friends outside the centre are very welcome.