CHG Robin's Quarry Trial, 3 Jan 2010

Report by Steve Venn


Previous years: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

CHELTENHAM HOME GUARD MCC Held a New Year club easy trial at Robins quarry Hazleton on Sunday. 3 Laps of 13 sections kept the 85 riders entertained with a day of steady trials riding in the wintry freezing conditions.

100% concentration was needed to avoid dropping marks, as the sections were as intended one the easy side. Some proved a little trickier then anticipated as the rocks had a light covering of early morning frost and snow.

The course became a little easier with the passing of wheels, packing down the loose rocks with a clear line soon developing for competitors to follow through the sections. But on shaded sections it became increasingly icy and slippery.

Seasoned campaigners tackled the Clubman, harder route, with good consistent rides being recorded by many. Best ride was 1 marks lost by Nic Draper out on a modern Sherco instead of his usual twin shock. Runner up was the determined Andy Perry back on a two stroke Beta losing just 5 marks.

The easier sportsman route returned some creditable performances, with joint winners Mike Jurgens and Andrew Humphreys losing 2 marks each.

Cheltenham man Andrew Weddle had a very good ride on his elderly Panther losing just 16 marks and was best Pre65 by some margin on the sportsman route.

Billy Andrews won the 50/50 route from David Fowler, buy only just both losing 7 marks with Billy having most cleans. Big thanks to the observers for standing out in the cold.

Preview by Steve Venn

Cheltenham Home Guard MCC's New year trial at Hazleton is on 3rd January. An easy going trial to start the season off gently. Nothing too severe, no hard route, any bike, any rider. Come and have some fun, enter on the day. Entry fee held from last year: Adults 12, Youth 10, Club membership for year 5, 3 laps of 13 sections, CHG's band of super reliable observers already booked. The venue is pretty much all-weather too. (To save a bit of time, entrants can fill in some parts of the entry form on the computer, then print it off and post it to the secretary, or bring it along on the day, with payment. Email entries will not be accepted).