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Results: Trials Championship Standings Updated. Rnd3 & Rnd2 of CDE. [On: 02Jul2022 09:30]

Enter: Stroud Valley MC Summer Series Trial [On: 30Jun2022 21:48]

Enter: Glos & Cots Summer Series Rnd 2 [On: 27Jun2022 19:32]

Enter: Wye Valley Trevor Hunt Trial - Rockshocks Classic Championship [On: 27Jun2022 18:39]

Results: CHG David Mason Trial [On: 27Jun2022 18:39]

Enter: Zona 1 Dennis Saunders Trial [On: 17Jun2022 17:00]

News: July trials date changes [On: 17Jun2022 17:00]

News: Stroud Summer Series Round 1 Cancelled [On: 17Jun2022 17:00]

Results: Stroud Valley Ron Carter Trial [On: 12Jun2022 21:19]

Enter: CHG David Mason Trial [On: 28May2022 20:29]

News: Scottish 6 Day - local successes [On: 09May2022 09:16]

News: Bought a Fox Full Face! [On: 09May2022 09:16]

News: Postponed: Malvern Centre Trial Championship Round [On: 30Apr2022 10:16]

News: Special TY Majesty for sale [On: 7Mar2022 21:45]

News: YDS Progress on video [On: 01Mar2022 22:00]

News: Mark Kemp RIP [On: 13Feb2022 20:59]

Report, Pix, Video: Hurran Trial [On: 29Jan2022 14:23]

News: Sally Palmer wins the Dick Wyatt Award [On: 22Jan2022 11:18]


Trials Championship

Standings after Round 3 for Main and Round 2 for CDE..


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