Master and apprentice - 2 national trials championship winners in 2023

National champions Ben James and Simon Welch

Congratulations to Ben James and Simon Welch, who have both sealed up ACU age group titles!

Reigning small wheel champion Ben transitioned from electric to petrol power and took the ACU Belle Trailers British Youth Trials Championship D Class Medium Wheel title. His two main rivals won two each of the first four rounds but Ben kept in touch with four second places, then won the final three of the seven rounds including the decider.

Simon entered the ACU Normandale Trials Championship for riders aged over 40, for the first time (which should give you a clue about the significance of a recent birthday). The 2018 ACU Trailbike Trials champion and 14x ACU Western Trials champion won six of the eight rounds, riding with brother Matthew who finished seventh in the championship too.

Many congratulations to both, who are sponsored by BVM - one a member of the ACU Western Youth Trials Development Squad and the other, its founder, more than 10 years ago. There is more on the YDS's latest developments here.

Check out the standings of all the championships - there are some ACU Western riders in there too. Well done to all.

  • ACU Belle Trailers Youth Trials Championship
  • ACU Normandale Championship