Scottish Six Days Trial 2013


Report: Ben Falconer

Pix: Tom Welch, Victoria Payne

Final Results

2013 Preview

Sunday: And on the seventh day, the SSDT packed up, headed south and the riders wondered how many marks they would have lost...if. "If" is a big word in trials, and so many things happen a Six Days that don't in a normal trial, and no doubt they'll be reflecting on what went right and what didn't. It couldn't have been much tighter for Jotagas top man Ross Danby, who missed the podium by one mark. A mega achievement all the same, and Jotagas importer Steve Saunders must be pleased with the proven reliability of the new marque throughout the entry in the world's toughest trial.


Simon's Jotagas saw him home to 79th in his first SSDT - as he said earlier in the week, knowing the trial and the sections makes a big difference but he was still well up in the first class awards. Henry's boiling problem later in the week left him riding for no award but he'd have finished around 174th including the stack of time marks lost. Team BVM's battle was won by Becky Cook, with 300 for the week and 93rd. Fred's 302 got him 95th and Craig's 330 left him 104th - all gained first class awards.

Well done to all, we've enjoyed following the trial on the web but you can't beat being there. See you up at the Fort next year!

Friday evening: Bad news for Henry Bendall, whose time lost due to overheating means that although he's riding on, it's on a no award basis. On a hard day, he lost 96 but went up about half a dozen places. If he finishes tomorrow, he'll be 5 from 5, award or no award.

After the tribulations of Thursday, Friday was back to normal service - cold and wet. "Early day today but kept pretty steady all day," says Simon. "It was bloody wet and very cold. A silly stall and slack five, but not a bad day. Jotagas still doing well and no major problems. Fingers crossed tomorrow will go well as we are virtually the last bikes away."

Simon is 81st on 211 after losing 65, while the BVM team continue to chop and change.


Becky's 77 takes her to 260 and 99th place while Fred is 101st on 262 after losing 86. Craig's not had a good day by the look of it - 112 lost shifts him down to 121st on 284 for the week.

Up top, it's been dramatic with some major changes. Jotagas-mounted Ross Danby is on 25 and still in with a podium shout, while Jordi Pascuet was one of just four riders to lose only single figures. Top spot looks to be ging Dougie's way - what an incredible performance after 5 days of trialling.

Friday morning: According to Thursday's provisional results issued late last night, most of the marks were lost on time over a mammoth 118 mile route. Simon's extra 24 on his time card loses him about a dozen places or so to 79th. Many riders have had big marks put down in the dreaded time column on the results sheet. Henry's down for an extra 82 on time to put him in 189th place. Team BVM all managed to limit their losses - Craig had 22 on time for 64 on the day which takes him to 172 and 100th. The clock has taken 18 off Fred, to take his daily total to 69 and 176 overall for 102nd. Becky's in 108th having lost 23 on time added to 55 on observation which takes her to 183rd.

weighinThe Jotagas effort is going very well for Ross Danby, whose miserly 2 marks for the day moves him up to sixth and a mark off the podium. Come on!

Thursday evening: Oh dear. Things haven't gone well today - a bike full of bogwater and another boiling up isn't what you need when time is tight. Simon explains: "Today had been an absolute disaster! I drowned the bike in a bog that was waist deep (and I know as I was stood in it and sinking fast. Upside down pump out job on the worst day for time! Henry had a thermostat go and his bike kept boiling. I lost loads rushing to try an get in on time and lost 24marks on time I think. Henry was worse off and might be excluded for being over and hour late. Looks like a large number of people are going to lose big marks on time."

ferry At the time of writing there's just what appears to be time penalty marks against their names, so fingers crossed for when all the marks are in.

Thursday morning: The Scottish isn't just about the riders and organisers - the support crews play a vital role and because Alf Bendall, Tom Welch and Pete Hughes are proper motorcyclists, they're on bikes, not in a van!

The Scottish is also probably the only trial where riders catch a ferry as part of the route. Weather looks alright too. Judging by the size of Henry's bag, there's most of a Gas Gas inside as spare.

ferry2 Simon says Wednesday was not such a good day, with two stalls early on, while Henry was at his best and the BVM trio appears to be attempting to get exactly the same score.

"That was not great, especially as they were infront of the youth team members up here having a watch. Great to see them taking in the experience and sowing the seeds for future Western Centre riders in the SSDT!!. I follow that up with not one but two dips in the stream and I mean a full on lie down!!! Then lost my rear brake pin and rode all sections after lunch and across some moors with no back brake, a little exciting at times to say the least. Henry was in flamboyant form today and put in some very good rides as was Fred who is looking steady as a rock on the Mont!

henrystartSimon is 65th on 76, and it's incredibly tight between the BVM three - Becky's on 105 (101st), Fred's on 107 (102nd) and Craig's on 108 (106th). Henry's lowest score of the week so far puts him on 137 for 142nd.

Steve Saunders' Jotagas UK effort is going well - Ross Danby's losing tiny scores every day for 10th, likewise Jordi Pascuet for 13th.

Wednesday morning:As the boys and girls head off for day 3, who knows what the weather will do? Looks like it might be clear until later on. Simon's pleased with a tidy clean ride through Forest Gate yesterday but not knowing the trial at all means there's more to learn than for Henry, who's watched, then got 4 from 4 finishes. "Having never been here is a big disadvantage I am realising, just pacing yourself, knowing the sections etc makes a massive difference!" says Simon.

weighinTuesday evening:Simon Welch finished on 16 for the day as he fived the last section - and also got given a five for a stop. Headline of the day however is that Henry Bendall might have injured his ribs laughing at Simon when he went superman over the bars and in to a bog for a snorkelling session.

Simon's 55th on 40, Henry's 152nd on 97, Becky Cook's on 76 for 112th, Craig Talbot's in a tidy 97th on 69, and Fred Adams' 77 means he's 116th. Fingers crossed for decent weather guys...

Monday evening: Top centre rider is Simon Welch on 24, and 56th place. There's a long way to go but what a great start. All riders with centre connections have had a good first day, with Craig Talbot on 33 (81st), Becky Cook 99th on 41, Henry Bendall 48 (125th), and Fred Adams 138th on 51.

Monday morning: After the weather put paid to more than half of the Scottish Pre 65 2 Day Trial, the inclement conditions look set to continue today and for most of the week. Although Tuesday looks like it might be OK!


We've had some pictures through from Sunday's weigh-in, with Simon Welch and Henry Bendall's bikes getting through scrutineering. The lochside paddock is usually the the scene of feverish activity to get bikes prepped before getting those all-important dabs of paint on the parts which must not be changed throughout the week.

Keep in touch with how our riders are getting on here on this page, the event in general and live results at the official SSDT site, web radio with Nevis FM (and they have a webcam at the start).

Good luck to Simon, Henry, the Jotagas team, and the BVM crew...

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