SSDT 2010 - Pre-65 2 Day Trial

Welcome to the page of all things Western Centre in the Pre-65 Scottish 2010. Keep coming back for updated words, pictures and video in the next few days...

Monarch of the Glen: Steve Saunders

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Video: David Eeles, Graham Duller, Keith Wells, Steve Saunders, Victoria Glover, Clive Dopson, Dave Thorpe, David Coughlan, Les Winthrop, Paul Heys, Tony Calvert.


The Western Centre was very well represented on and off the bikes in Kinlochleven this year.

Everyone was talking about Steve Saunders' return to the glens in competition. In the modern era, his SSDT record is unquestionable. But could he do it at the first attempt in the Pre-65, on a bike which is not quite as good in the sections as a well-sorted Cub?

The knowledgable audience seemed to think so, and all bets appeard to be off. In the end it was not to be but he was right up there on a bike which sounded the best - and as he said himself at Alan Wright's excellent Q and A with Steve on Sunday night, he entered because he wanted to ride a twin, and secondly because he wanted to win.

When asked why he'd not won, he rightly pointed out "other riders lost less marks than me". Sometimes in trials, decisions don't go your way and this was one of those occasions.

Pipeline:Dave Eeles aims for the top. Cliff Hannam's safeChris Harvey and David "Mc"Eeles returned on the same bikes as last year, though Dave's was far more dialled in this time around. He put in some excellent rides, including at Caolasconan, and he got up Pipeline - just! Cliff Hannam, who'd ventured up with 2004 and 2006 entrant Goff Hannam, caught Dave as he exited the section, but he was the right side of the ends cards.

Pipeline:Dave Eeles nears the top. Cliff Hannam's safe? MaybeTeam Panther consisted of Wyegate and Sphinx rider Graham Duller, supported by Andrew Weddle and Nigel Tustin. Sadly Andrew didn't get a ride and very generously donated various spare parts to Graham's cause. That's got to be a good omen for Andrew to get a ride next year, surely!

Graham finished manfully, though was not classed as a finisher due to missing sections at the end of day 1. Peter Collins, part of RT and Billy's media entourage, gave the rocks a good lash and finished - more than 10% didn't.Dougie Nolan made it two rides in a row but a rib injury opened up which meant he was a non-starter on day 2, though a happy spectator all the same.

Pipeline:Dave Eeles at the top. And he's through the ends cardsIan Wixon, the proud owner of the dreaded Wixon's Rocks on the Wyegate Trial, had a tidy ride, though appeared to have opted for the mud pack skin treatment up on the moors.

A special word on Keith Wells. OK, you may guess from his accent he's not from the Western Centre but he is a regular supporter of many events here. He's tried for ages to get a ride and failed but finally managed to get in - then rode it on a rigid DMW. Losing 148 was very creditable - he didn't have the power that helps get bigger rigids up sections and he won a new award, for best under 250 rigid, and a beautiful engraved hip flask for his troubles. To put that achievement in to some sort of perspective, one rider reckoned his forks had more play in them than the DMW forks had travel! Another Midlander with a far more sensible steed was Chris Poel, who on Goff Hannam's old Cub finished 98th on 77.

Press Report

Stylish:Dave Eeles shows Steve Venn how it's doneONE of trials' most decorated stars fell just short of a sensational first time victory in the Pre-65 Scottish Two Day Trial.

Steve Saunders' place in the sport's history is assured, as the only man to win the Scottish Six Days Trial (SSDT) four times in a row, and last Friday and Saturday, he rode for fun in the historic two day version of the event.

Keith Wells won best rigid under 250

On a 350cc Triumph twin, which was less competitive than many of his rivals' mounts, he carded a score of five marks lost, over 60 sections in and around Kinclochleven in the Highlands.

That wasn't quite enough to beat last year's winner Paul Heys (225cc Triumph, who lost three marks along with Davy Morewood (500cc Ariel) and former winner Tony Calvert (246cc Triumph). Saunders, from Cheltenham, finished the two days believing he too had lost three marks but the observers thought otherwise. An extra two marks lost put him on five, one behind best Scot, Alan Crayk (250cc Cotton), though he won the award for the best newcomer to the event.

The Pre-65 event attracted a full house entry of 180 riders, all on machines manufactured before 1965. David Eeles, from Tewkesbury, returned after a debut ride beset with mechanical glitches last year, and did himself great credit with a score of 104. He put in some inspired rides, including one at Caolasnacon.

While most top riders spent a long time weighing up the ever-changing terrain, Eeles had a quick look, and roared up clean on his 500cc Triumph twin.

Real bike, real tough rider - Chris Harvey

West Glos and Dean Forest MCC member Ian Wixon (350cc Triumph) finished on 145, ahead of Peter Collins (500cc Ariel), from Gloucester, who lost 193.

Eldersfield's Chris Harvey was last finisher on a 1949 500cc Norton. The event one of the toughest in the pre-65 calendar and Harvey's finish on the heavy Norton with no rear suspension was a victory in itself. More than 10% of the field retired.

Team Panther Keith Wells. DMW. Rigid. 'nuff said. Perfect Day: Ian Wixon in the sun at Caolasconan Chris Poel styles up Caolasconan Sun on Caolasconan, rain over Kinlochleven It'll buff out, no worries McEeles romps up Caolasconan You don't have to ride the Pipeline itself The end is nigh: Pete Collins on the final section Graham Duller and the Panther on the final section The Ed. explains to Keith Wells how to ride a DMW up Caolasconan