Scottish Six Days Trial and Pre 65 2 Day Trial 2012

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JotaGas UK boss Steve Saunders had plenty to smile about on the machine's SSDT debut

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SSDT 101 will go down in history as the closest ever for the win, but there was plenty more going on to to make it one to remember.

Debut bike JotaGas, imported from Spain to Gloucestershire by Steve Saunders, led for the first 3 days in the hands of Jordi Pascuet, ran in the top 10 for 4 days with Ross Danby, and carried off the best Scot award. Not bad at all for a first effort in the world's toughest trial, and with Steve and Jordi Tarres driving the effort forward, more success will surely follow.

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What of the Western Centre riders? Three with a strong BVM Moto connection all had good weeks with first class awards, as the Results show.

Becky Cook's charge for best lady title wasn't quite enough but 260 lost was good for 83rd place - she was just an average of around half a dozen marks a day behind Emma Bristow.

Craig Talbot bagged another first class, in 125th place on 340

Fred Adams got a late entry but a shortage of training time didn't seem to affect him on his first Scottish - 356 marks lost over 176 sections, for 128th place.

Sadly MCC double "Triple" winner Ian Thompson's gallant effort ended on day 3 - no mean feat in a trial which tests riders to the limit all day, for 6 days.

JotaGas UK rider Ross Danby gave the bike a promising SSDT debut Craig Talbot exits section 3. 173 to go... Craig Talbot wriggles out of section 4 Becky Cook rescues the plot on section 4 First rider Grant Adamson doesn't have much of a crowd - it is 7.45am though Neil Gaunt's Beta 420. Yes, 420. Nice.