SSDT 2007: David LuffScottish Six Days Trial 2008

There are five Western Centre riders in this year's Scottish Six Days Trial, which starts today (Monday) and finishes on Saturday. Stroud Valley MCC's John and David Luff (Beta 250 4 stroke and 2 stroke respectively) make their fourth trip, Ian Thompson (Beta 250 4T) is riding for the second time after observing last year, and Ben Bowkett (Gas Gas 250), Henry Bendall (Montesa 250 4T) head north for their first rides after a recce last year.

SSDT 2007: John LuffIt is hoped that we can keep up with their fortunes here and on the West Glos and Dean Forest MCC website. In other words, we will be texting the lads to see how they are getting on, and if they are not too whacked from 100 miles a day on trials bikes in the world's biggest and best trial, they will get back to us.

For live SSDT updates and much more, visit the organisers' excellent site.For the trials junkies amongst us, and those who should have better things to do at work, there are now rolling results updates as the observers cards come in and video of the day's action.

SSDT 2007: John LuffAnd for those of you who wish you are there, have a look at this video by Trials Central.

Updates start below, with the most recent first...

UPDATE 13: Sunday, 18:05 - Proud dad Andy Luff has been kind enough to send some more pictures, this time from the finish in Fort William. As he explains, seeing sons John and David with Craig Talbot together as they signed off, was rightly a big moment...So let's hear from the all-important back-up man. "A bit of history here. These three lads, John, David and Craig all started riding trials on TY 80's, some time ago. This shot of them being interviewed ay the finish was the proudest moment of my life. Emotional? Too right, and well done all. Glad that Henry finished, and a pity about Ben's bike problems. Let's hope there is an event next year, there is an issue with fuel which will take some major discussion. Apparently the SSDT brings in to the area a projected 7 million, so in an area that does rely on tourism, the event is important".

A long way from the days of TY80's: John and David Luff are interviewed with Craig Talbot at the finish David Luff is probably saying he'll beat his brother next year

UPDATE 12: Saturday, 20:49 - The final results are in and Western Centre riders have secured 3 second class awards - congrats to John, David and Henry. And to Ben too, for battling on even though there was no award at stake. Judging by the results, Day 6 wasn't easy and John, perhaps feeling the effects of a tumble yesterday, dropped 13 places and out of the first class awards by just eight places. He lost 91 (349 total), which was 14 agonising marks from the first class he covets. David finished 151st by losing 69 marks (369 total). The centre's best performance again was Ben, on 62 (466) in what would have been 199th but no award. And Henry took 90 for 476 total and 203rd place. Wessex Centre rider Craig Talbot, who rides in the Western Centre, came 119th for a first class. Overall, no-one could catch Dougie today, as he went clean, for five for the whole trial. Incredible. But whether you lost a stack or a handful, we take our hats off to you all. See you next year!

Thanks to the organisers for keeping us updated, and Trials Central for fresh pictures and video. There's a cracker of Henry Bendall taken on Day 6 and the historic moment Dougie lost his clean sheet is halfway through Video 4 on the SSDT results page.

First class next year... A beautiful machine in a beautiful place. Andy Luff couldn't resist taking a picture of this, and it's not hard to see why.

UPDATE 11: Saturday, 07:05 - It's the early day for the lads at the back today, which means John took early to bed last night. Before he set off this morning, he told us: "Had a big crash on the moor and hurt my shoulder, sections harder and observers seemed to be told to be strict". Well, at least it looks like they were the same for everyone. I'm sure John's got nothing against the observers, so this would be a good time to thank them one and all. Apparently Henry's dead keen for next year - but he won't be stranded in the Fort until 2009 thanks to the generosity of a pair of stars.

UPDATE 10: Friday, 22:09 - Results just in: Not much between the Western Centre boys on Day 5. John lost 72 (258 total, 125th), Ben 73 (404, 209th, no award), David 75 (300, 153rd) and Henry 78 (387, 203rd). Must have been a hard day if Dougie loses three more!

UPDATE 9: Friday, 21:38 - No news yet on how the lads have gone today, so here's some new pictures from Andy Luff in the meantime. There's also a cracking shot of David Luff on Trials Central.

The Army fuels up Henry Bendall's Mont School's out

UPDATE 8: Thursday, 23:59 - With the day 4 results now in, John Luff has had his worst day so far, losing 54 (186 total) which puts him back to 124th and Craig Talbot is now 5 places ahead. David's 57 today (225 total) leaves him in 157th. Henry Bendall's now 213th, up six places with 61 (308). Ben Bowkett's wheelbearing collapse cost him 100 marks, leaving him on 331. Up to then, he'd lost only 37 on observation but another mechanical has stalled his charge up the board - he would have picked up 86 places but for that! At least he's back and still in the trial. Read more of Henry and Ben's exploits. Perhaps missing the second half of today's sections was a blessing in disguise.

Unmistakeable: Dougie on the moors Moor please: David Luff

UPDATE 7: Thursday, 21:51 - Day 4 results are not yet in, as the Army truck with the riders fuel suffered a mechanical failure. The trial relies on the Army for this service and they do a magnificent job but that's just one of those things.Anyway, that meant there was a big delay, on what's usually a long day too. Big news is Gordon Jackson's record ride for 1 in 1961 is safe - Dougie dropped 2 at Gorton. Find out more about all that. John Luff and presumably David, was caught up in the delay, as he explains..."Had a weird day. Rode half the route, then sat in the sun for 2 1/2 hours, then rode the other half with no sections, as the Army was not at a fuel stop, so the whole entry had to stop, and there was no time to ride the sections. I was not happy with how I rode, the sections get more slippery every day." Those who are eminently qualified to know about these things reckon that as John's start time gets earlier, he will indeed experience more slippery rocks, as less riders have scrubbed them. We'll see.

10 minutes after this was taken, John Luff went over the bars Freedom: David Luff leaps yet another ditch

UPDATE 6: Wednesday, 22:45 - Day 3 results are up a bit quicker tonight (how do they do it?!) on the SSDT website and "Mr Consistent" John Luff drops just a place, after dropping 43 to be on 132 overall. David Luff's not had one of his best days losing 62, which takes him a wee bit down the board to 143rd. Best Western Centre performance for the second day running comes from Ben Bowkett - 33 marks lost, again, none of them fives. He's on 194 in 174th, some 25 places better than last night. Awesome ride. Raw Sports team mate Henry Bendall picks up 2 places to 219th, losing 73 which totals to 247. Ian Thompson bowed out today. Wessex Centre rider, and regular Western Centre competitor Craig Talbot, is 1 mark and 2 places ahead of John Luff.

It'll not be a huge surprise to know that Dougie Lampkin is leading, the only rider on clean. What a legend. John's been rubbing shoulders with the great one today, as he explains: "Not as good as first two days, rubbish through Fersit. We caught Dougie up, so lots of people spectating. "We both got in with plenty of time, which was good as we needed to change the oil and change the back tyre for the second half of the week".

Big moment: Henry Bendall's first SSDT section.

And finally tonight, Andy Luff has kindly sent a picture of Henry Bendall's first section of the SSDT - Leanachan.

UPDATE 5: Tuesday, 22:49 - Day 2 results from the SSDT website show John added 45 to yesterday's 44 and moves up 3 places to 117th. David's 57 drops him down only 5 places to 137th, on 106. A great ride for just 30 shows what Ben's made of, with no fives! He's on 161 in 209th but now going in the right direction. Henry's picked up 83 marks today to take him to 221st on 174. Ian's taken a stack of 50s - but he's still in the trial. Congratulations to all for getting through day 2. Stick at it lads!

UPDATE 4: Tuesday, 22:02 - Pete Hughes reports that Henry made it in to Montesa HQ in plenty of time, losing about 80 today, despite a puncture and a big crash on the moors. Ben's Gas Gas boiled up and the chain broke, after yesterday's gear lever fiasco. Ian's been seen pushing on to a day 2 finish. Read more of the West Glos riders. And we have some parade and day 1 pictures, courtesy of Andy Luff.

Thoughtful: Henry Bendall at the 2008 paradeGrins all round at the 2008 parade: John and David Luff

UPDATE 3: Tuesday, 19:52 - John Luff says: "It's been a long day. Meall Choire Glas is one of the hardest crossings of the week and it was very hot but still very wet. Smashed my toe on a rock, taking the nail clean off. David had an OK day. Think we will both still be close at the end of today. Both fived Trotters Burn which was very annoying and had a bad ride at Creag Lundie, both of which had Western Centre spectators". (Ed: Sounds like a normal day at the SSDT then! I suspect Messrs Venn and Eeles were among the Western Centre contingent John refers to). No news as yet on Henry, Ben and Ian, we'll endeavor to keep you posted on them and some live results later tonight. Read more of the West Glos riders.

David Luff on Day 1, 2008John Luff on Day 1, 2008 UPDATE 2: Monday, 23:52 - John and David are 120th (44 marks) and 132nd (49) according to the latest results on the SSDT site. Henry battled through to keep his marks under 100 while Ben would have done, but for time penalties. Ian's had to take a few 50's to keep going. Read more of the West Glos riders. Come on lads!

UPDATE 1: Monday, 19:52 - John and David have just wheeled in to Fort Bill, having started near the back of the field today. John says: "A lot of delay. Both enjoyed it and I think I only had one 5. Long day, moors wet but weather hot - no need for a jacket. David had a few more 5's but not as many slack 3's, I think we'll be quite close in the results". Let's hope the weather holds...