Scottish Six Days Trial 2017

And Pre-65 2 Day.

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I would say 'Three Guesses...' but that would be stupid. We all knew Saturday morning he was going to do it. Congratulations to Dougie Lampkin on another superb win but his dab only equals the best. Perhaps we will stop hearing the traditional stories the long coats still come out with, 'I remember when Gordon Jackson blah blah'. Now you'll have to suffer me forever ranting on, 'I was 8 when Gordon ... and I was 60 before Dougie equalled him...'.

Update: We forgot to include Wotton-u-Edge rider Richard Knott's first attempt at the 6Day. Not many can say they came 25th in the Newcomer category, let alone actually finished! Well done.

Well the full results are available now. Full Day Results

The SSDT 2017 started off way better than last year with sunshine on all the shots and video I've seen. I didn't expect it to be as good as that!. Not that that means it was easy for them. Well done to our locals, All genuine 6 day'ers who don't need to invest in excuses. Hero's all.

We normally try to keep an eye on riders who live in our centre and those who regularly come and ride our events. I'm seeing: Fred Adams 70, Gareth Talbot 179, Craig Talbot 180, Matthew Christopher 185, Ben Bowkett 195, 264 Tom Culliford, 272 Victoria Payne. (Please shout if I've missed someone. ed. Thankfully someone is watching out for my omissions, with Rich Knott being added - there may still be more!)

Here's how their scores are looking:

70Fred Adams4959274351472761051st Class
71Richard Knott8311867809281521222Finisher
179Gareth Talbot4053625346513051231st Class
180Craig Talbot3656435647412791071st Class
185Matthew Christopher5668728879654281882nd Class
195Ben Bowkett4847457267433221392nd Class
264Tom Culliford333125484751235911st Class
272Victoria Payne100969810998115616245Finisher

Get a feel for the day from John Hird's Videos:

Scottish Six Days Trial 2017 - Monday from John (Bigfoot) Hird on Vimeo.

Scottish Six Days Trial 2017 - Tuesday from John (Bigfoot) Hird on Vimeo.

Scottish Six Days Trial 2017 - Wednesday from John (Bigfoot) Hird on Vimeo.

Scottish Six Days Trial 2017 - Thursday from John (Bigfoot) Hird on Vimeo.

Scottish Six Days Trial 2017 Friday from John (Bigfoot) Hird on Vimeo.

Scottish Six Days Trial 2017 - Saturday from John (Bigfoot) Hird on Vimeo.

Pre 65 Scottish

Looks like we had only a few ACU Western regulars flying the flag in the 2 Day classic event on Friday and Saturday before the full 6 Day. Ian Thompson, seen below, on his Greeves TFS finished in 141st dropping 134. (He gets one day of rest then heads out for 6 more days... luckily only observing this time!). Peter Collins had a tech' problem on day 2 which defeated him, but finished day 1 intact dropping 118.

Pic by Georgina Mason