National Trials Championships, 2010

Report: BenF

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Congratulations to our 2010 ACU British Trials Champions!

Nic Draper and Jon Bliss topped their classes in the ACU Normandale Traditional Trials Series. Experience counts for a lot and these 2 experts have it in spades. There's plenty of other Western Centre names in the final standings too. Nic won the over 50s on modern bikes, and Western Centre riders Martyn Goodall (10th), Steve Venn and Mike Clarke featured in the results of this hugely popular class. Honorary Western Centre rider and a great supporter of Centre events, Keith Wells, came 9th in the class which Jon won, for over 60s on modern bikes.

And Steve Allen again topped the rigids in the Sammy Miller Products Series, ahead of a gaggle of WC riders. Take a look at the final standings. Nigel Townsend (4th), Goff Hannam, Keith Wells and Chris Harvey all scored good points at various events in the series. John Jacka took the class 2 championship (Pre-Unit springer Clubman route) riding a 1956 Matchless G3LC, with Peter Collins in 4th. John was never off the podium through all 7 rounds. Former champions Ian Hannam and Debbie Smith scored a fourth in the class six sidecars this year with a brace of seconds and a brace of fourths and three missed rounds. Martyn Goodall picked up some points in class 8 too. Classs 10, which features many of the trail riders who ride the Wyegate and Sphinx trials, saw double Wyegate winner Gavin Moore the winner. His "minder" Graham Lavis was second. David Eeles was sixth thanks in large part to winning the final round, while his riding buddy Keith Wells was right behind in seventh. Jon Bliss's single ride in the series saw him well up the field.

The ACU Trailbike Trials Championship was packed with Western Centre riders. A season round-up, and a report on the final round give a flavour of what they're about. Best WC rider was Steve Venn, though third went to Keith Wells who rides with the Western Centre regulars: David Eeles, Mike Clarke, Ben Falconer, John Edmonds, and Chris Harvey , to name a few. Glyn Smith rode his XR200 rather better than most would, no doubt spurred on by the pep talks from his riding mate Max Hawkins. Alf Bendall and Pete Hughes also dig out the trail bikes for this series and get in the results.

Sidecarwise, there's BVM-sponsored Tuck and Sparkes again at the top of the ChallengeLusky ACU Sidecar Champs, and a sprinkling of WC talent throughout the classes. Ian Hannam and Debbie Smith "went modern" for a round, as did Neil Hannam in the chair, with some success.

Likewise with the ACU Ladies Trials Championship, we don't have a winner but BVM-sponsored Becky Cook went second after a tight battle with Joanne Coles. It's comp

That's it for 2010 - apologies if I have missed you: just email the editor and let him know of your success (or otherwise)