Scottish Two Day Pre-65 Trial 2011

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Mamore Weddle


Unquestionably "SES's" result was the main story, but at the other end of the field another rider captured the crowd's attention. Pudding-basin wearing Andrew Weddle won admirers wherever he went on his rigid Panther. Before the event started his bike had been ridden by world ladies trials number 3 Sandra Gomez, and no less than Takahisa Fujinami (Fujigas), and featured on Spanish TV.

Pipeline Goodall

Despite only recording 3s and 5s, he was roared on by the big crowds - Mamore 2 was nearly 3'd and the sigh that went up when he stopped was almost as loud as the cheer when the Panther charged up the nasty steps. Andrew and able mechanic/team manager Viv Jackson are now looking forward to a modelling career, thanks to a retro-helmet company. Pipeline: Billy Andrews aims for the top Look out for them in a classic bike mag soon.

Another rigid rider who deserves a special mention is Keith Wells, who for the second year running won the aboard the DMW. Despite a nasty "when bikes attack" moment on Pipeline, he dusted himself down and got on with keeping a very respectable score.

It was great to see so many Western Centre riders and supporters up there - see you next year? No doubt you all have your stories to tell - send them to

Camas: Rob Halliday

Press Report

STEVE Saunders lived up to his favourite tag to win the biggest prize in historic trials competition at the second attempt.

The 10 time former British champion from Cheltenham lost only two marks over both days of the Scottish Pre-65 Two Day Trial at Kinlochleven in the Highlands.

Two dabs on the infamous Pipeline section on day two were the only blemish on his scorecard, and gave him a two mark advantage over a former winner of the event, Neil Gaunt.

Mamore:Dave Eeles aims for the top

His clean ride on day one was the only perfect performance of 180 competitors, but Les Winthrop and Gaunt on one mark lost kept up the pressure on him going in to day two.

Camas Saunders

Widely acknowledged as the best rider never to win the world title and a four-time winner of this week's Scottish Six Days Trial, Saunders was a strong favourite against a stellar field.

Going in to day two, the trial was his to lose but he kept his nerve while others fell away.

Mamore:Ken O'Brien

Gaunt's three mark loss on day two included a slack dab at Mamore 2, while Winthrop dropped five which left him on six marks lost.

Last year luck was against Saunders on his 350 Triumph twin but trials can be a frustrating, fickle sport and he was given a helping hand with the poor form of Paul Heys and Tony Calvert, two of the riders who beat him in 2010.


They won the last four events between them, but were well out of the reckoning after day one, with poor scores by their high standards.

Team Panther

Jean-Luc Nictou and Russell Rooksby lost a mark apiece on day two but they couldn't threaten Saunders' position after losing five and seven marks respectively on day one.

The event drew many Gloucestershire-based riders to the Highlands on Friday, April 29 and 30. Martyn Goodall, from Cheltenham, recorded a 125 mark loss, one ahead of Tewkesbury's David Eeles, on his third consecutive visit to the event.

Billy and Pete

West Glos and Dean Forest MCC rider Ian Wixon lost 144, also at his third attempt. Golden Valley MCC rider James Steynor carded 151, one mark ahead of Keith Wells who won the award for the best rigid machine under 250cc.

Stroud riders Rob Halliday and Paul Wilkins got round for 168 and 176 respectively, and Gloucester rider Billy Andrews overcame a number of difficulties to record a finish.

Camas Ian Wixon

Despite losing 229 over two days, Cheltenham's Andrew Weddle became a hero of the event.

Riding a rigid 350 Panther, he won the hearts of the big crowds including many enthusiastic Spanish trials fans with a gutsy and stirring performance.


Keith Wells

Andrew Weddle

Keith Wells

Ian Wixon

Steve Saunders

Steve Saunders