The Hurran Trial 2007

Report by: Roberta Cooper.

Updated Results 15th Jan 23:00 (Ammo doesn't now get the Novice award)

The Gloucester and Cotswold Motor Club's Hurran Trial in Ebworth Woods attracted its usual high class entry of 120 riders including one World and British Champion (Alexz Wigg)b, one British Champion and winning Trial des Nation team member (Becky Cook), and no less than 5 Western Centre champions past and present. Two outstanding motorcycling families were represented by 3 entrants; The Bishops and The Faulkners.

The Sun shone as riders faced two 4 mile laps of 22 challenging sections on the slippery banks and vicious tree roots of this fine venue which has hosted this event for the last 25 years. Alexz Wigg gave a convincing demonstration of how to float over any obstacle to end with a final score of only 16 marks. Most were lost on the cambers and turns of the difficult sections 16 to 18. Western Centre regulars Barry Husband, Simon Welch and Steve Workman fought a close battle for the runner up spot. A nervous 3 on the very first section of the day, and a slack dab on the very last section were costly for Husband, and a loss of 8 marks on the climb of section 21 by Workman allowed Three times Western Centre Champion Welch to clinch the coveted Ramstedt Trophy for runner up. Western Centre resident Youth star Ben Bowkett was in a fine 5th place and claimed the Best Glos and Cots member award.

The tough Clubman Expert (50/50) route was won by "Fearless" Novice rider Ben Bishop with a loss of 42 marks closely followed by Best Intermediate S. Prideaux on 45 and evergreen Rob Hilton on 48 claiming the Best Over 40 award. Leo Rochfort showed that dedication and practice pays off with a fine performance to gain Best Youth A with a loss of 52marks. R.Scott had a good ride on section 10 with just the one dab to claim the Second place Intermediate spot with a total of 53.

Former Western Centre Champion Nigel Tomkins showed that he is still a force to be reckoned with by topping the entry of 67 riders with a loss of only 4 marks and the Award for Best Intermediate over 40. Three of these marks were lost on Section 17, a slippery rock slab, which claimed a serious shoulder injury to Nigel a few years back. John Bliss used all of his 40 years of Trials riding experience to keep his total down to 5 marks lost and gain the Best Twinshock award. Best Novice was Scott Faulkner (youngest of the Faulkner trio) on 11, Best Over 40 Novice was Mark Woodward, and the Youth awards went to R.Silvey and Jason Morgan on 23 and 38 respectively.

Awards (Full Results)

Standard route;-A.Wigg Gas Gas 250 16ml, S Welch Beta 270 50ml, B Husband Beta 270 51ml, First Class awards S Workman Beta 250 63ml, I Fortune Sherco 290 85ml, Best Glos and Cots member B Bowkett 68ml.

Clubman Expert Route; - Ben Bishop 42ml, S.Prideaux 45ml, R Hilton 48ml, L Rochfort 52ml, R Scott 53ml.

Alternative route ;- N Tomkins 4ml, J.Bliss 5ml, S Faulkner 11ml, M Woodward 22ml, R Silvey 23ml, J Morgan 38ml.