Sammy Miller Championship 2008, Class 1 (Rigid)

Report by Goff Hannam

Steve Allen ran away with it having won all rounds apart from the first one (West of England) but then he competed in all rounds and was the only entrant in at least 1 if not more of them.

I missed out 3 rounds, and the remainder of my class competitors missed more rounds than me, therefore I view my limited 'success' somewhat as an attendance award!

Overall I enjoyed most rounds but machine problems early on in the year (magneto and mechanical problems) affected results in 1 or 2 rounds as I only got a finish by asking for 5's having broken down near the end of these events.

In other events I lost too many marks through losing my way in the sections - very frustrating (maybe something to do with my age or the section marking being more like confetti at a wedding.) or still being inexperienced with the technique required when riding a rigid grip wise and with less then adequate ground clearance.

That said, no one can live with the skill and ability of Steve Allen at the present time, not even previous winners of this class, and I would have still been miles away from him even if competing all 9 rounds!

I will contest the series again next year, but doubt that I will make the 4 hour drive up to Yorkshire again, and I have never done the Cumbria round - not even when I rode the bike as a springer.

[on 5Dec2008]