Western Centre Trials Committee report

The Western Centre Trials Committee met on 2nd Dec 2008 at The Gloucestershire Club and some serious changes for Western Centre Trials were proposed and approved at the Centre Board meeting on the 8th December.

1.The various routes have been renamed from ;- Standard / Alternative / Easy to Expert / Clubman / Sportsman.

2.Results will now include the name of the observer unless they wish to remain anonymous.

3.Section marking will be changed to use red and blue for the Clubman route with deviations for the Expert route marked with pairs of white markers and deviations for the sportsman route marked with pairs of yellow markers.

4.Supplementary regulations will state that Two numbers must be displayed at all times.

5.To encourage riders to thank the Observers (you would be surprised at how many do not have the courtesy to say "Thank you") it was suggested that the offenders total was not calculated in the results leaving them to add up their own score.

6.The Pre 65 and Twinshock Centre Championship have been dropped due to lack of support.

7.The closing time for sections will be stated on the supplementary regulations and during the Final Instructions to riders from the Clerk of Course.

8.A suggested format for awards for "Senior" competitors will be; - "Over 40" on the Clubman Expert route, "Over 50" on the Clubman route and "Over 60" on the Sportsman route, however this is down to the organising Club to decide.

9.Changes to TSR 22a for 2009.

The ACU have amended TSR22a for 2009. Details here...

A stop, and sideways motion is now permitted without loss of marks. Backwards motion is still a 5 and the suggestion from HQ is that this should be rigidly enforced. This brings the Open and restricted Trials that are run under TSR22a in line with FIM and British Championship rules with the exception of a time limit on the section.

A hand can now be taken off the handlebar without loss of mark but only when feet up.

This change is not open for debate, but the meeting felt that it would make observing less controversial and in general was a good move.

10.First aiders --- Would riders with First Aid qualifications please let the Secretary of the Meeting know if they are prepared to administer first aid during the meeting.

T Welch Trials Committee Secretary.[on 14Dec08]