Centre Trials Championship 2011

After the Hurran Trial, 2010 champ Henry Bendall headed Kurt Brain on number of wins after a points tie, for second place. The Youth B title was settled, with Jake Hoare ensuring the win by beating James Colbourne - well done to all in this class in particular for an exciting and sporting series. See the Final Standings. [on 8Dec11]

Trials Recorder Matthew Welch reports: Simon Welch has secured his position at the top of the table once again but there are many battles going on throughout the field. With one round left it is tight for 2nd in the championship between 2010 champ Henry Bendall and Kurt Brain, and the Youth B is going down to the wire between Jake and Alex. Nathan Pekala has secured the Clubman Expert championship and Nick Toms has taken the honours in the Clubman category ahead of the last round too. See the Latest Standings. [on 3Nov11]