ACU Novogar British Trials Champs 09

Travers 09 Simon Welch Travers 09 Matthew Welch 1

This year's Novogar championship is done and dusted, and though the championship standings haven't been updated yet, the results of the last round, the Travers Trophy, are, thanks to Trials Central. Simon Welch made the trip worthwhile, and came 6th, which should have moved him up from 8th to 5th in the final standings. Matthew Welch finished 19th and Craig Talbot 22nd. Keep an eye out for an updated championship table, and more news of the many different ACU championships as the 09 season comes to an end.

Travers 09 Simon Welch 1 Travers 09 Matthew Welch 1

Powys 09 John LuffWith one round left to the end of the ACU Novogar Clubman Trials Championship, four Western Centre riders headed for Mid Wales for the Powys Trophy Trial on September 6.

Powys 09 Henry Bendall

Simon Welch was actually leading the Novogar runners (this championship is a level below the full British trials championship and leading riders in that can't score Novogar points - Ed.) at the punch card change and then things went a little wrong - he had to rush because of queuing and started to make some mistakes and lost 5 in time faults, dropping him from 4th to 6th on 20 marks.

Powys 09 Simon Welch

This result has moved him into 6th in the championship with one round to go - the Travers on September 20. Craig Talbot finished just outside the points in 17th and Henry Bendall is really making big steps in the national scene getting his best result of the year so far in 18th. John Luff finished in 21st.

Creditable results all - there's nothing "clubman" about the series, as it provides a level below the full championship, and Expert A and Expert B.

Powys 09 Darren Butcher

And it's not just the riders who deserve congratulations, as Simon explains: "I am sure I can speak for the others in thanking the Dads that have driven round this year with the fuel - one more to go Dad; oh and its in County Durham."

Well good luck lads, and have a good trip up North.