Current gradings & New Expert Numbers

Welcome to the page where you can find out who's rising through the grades... Or, rather 'Have previously' been graded.

With changing quantity of rider numbers in events the effectiveness of our grading system has changed and is generally not used or quoted on entries and results. We will always have riders needing to challenge themselves by riding harder routes and those needing to ease up due to injuries or just age. Our Centre's Championship rules generally persuade riders to progress themselves by removing points from riders hogging the wins. Things may change if the system is abused.

All upgrades are being drawn together on to one page, so if there's any missing, just let the editor know...

Andy Ridley, Nick Toms - Intermediates

"Congratulations to Andy Ridley and Nick Toms for making the final points to upgrade to Intermediate with their fine rides over the last few weeks. Well done � look forward to seeing you on the Clubman Expert sections!" Tom Welch Trials recorder. [14Jul10]

Matt Christopher - Expert

Congratulations to Matt Christopher for his 3rd place at the WVAC Trial on October 11. This gets him expert status by finishing better than a first class award, and all at the tender age of sweet 16! Well done Matt from the Centre Trials recorder. [13Oct09]

2 make the grade

Congratulations to Andy Perry for reaching the magic 6 points and getting upgraded to Intermediate status, and to Ben Toms for gaining the final 10th point to get upgraded to Expert status. [on 17Jun09]

Chris Morris Now Intermediate

Chris Morris won "Best Novice" and gained the final point needed to move up to Intermediate from Novice at the West Glos Boxing day Trial. We look forward to seeing Chris challenge the regular Clubman Expert route riders in the future. Tom Welch (Trials recorder) [on 6Jan09]

Three new experts

Congratulations to three experts who have been upgraded from intermediate status.

Ian Bridson, Bretton King and Stefan Walters are now in the top flight. [30Sep08]

Moving on up

Congratulations to Joe Bendall for making EXPERT by gaining a First Class award at the SVMC Trial on November 25 2007, and to Tom Hinckley for getting the magical 6th point at WVAC to get upgraded to Intermediate. [1 Dec 07]

New Experts

Congratulations to Ben Bowkett and Henry Bendall for achieving Expert Status. Two talented young riders from local Motorcycling families that have "Grown up" in our Centre. I think Ben is probably the youngest "Expert" that we have ever had - Please correct me if I am wrong. Editor.

Grading Status Report 13th June 2007

Riders with more than 3 points of 10 required

  • Turner M - 9
  • Wheeler T - 7
  • Bishop Joe - 6
  • King B - 6
  • Bridson I - 5
  • Bishop B 4
  • Walters S - 4

Riders with more than 2 points of 6 required

  • Garland M - 5
  • Hughes S - 5
  • Morris C - 5
  • Bendall A - 4
  • Hughes P - 4
  • Woodward M - 4
  • Abrams S - 3
  • Payne C - 3
  • Pitt R - 3

Any questions then please call the Trials recorder (Tom Welch) on 01989750298, or drop him an email.