The Changes to the Trials Championship and Grading

(Best to assume this also applies to 2007 until our editor updates this page!)

Western Centre Trials Championship and Grading 2006

After careful consideration, and lengthy discussion, at a meeting open to all Western centre clubs organising Trials, the Trials committee proposed, and the Western Centre Board approved, the following changes to the Trials championship and grading system.

Western Centre Trials Championship

1. The Trials championship for 2006 to be run over 10 rounds with the best 8 scores to count. Each organising club (there are currently 5) to nominate 2 Open to centre Trials to be the championship rounds at the start of the year. If existing (or new) clubs wish to run events then these can be added to the championship during the year.

2. The format of the championship to change using a division by "route" rather than "class" with the addition of a clubman expert route comprising 50% of the standard route sections and 50% alternative. There will be 3 separate championships; Standard, Clubman expert, and Alternative.

3. Youth A championship to be on the Clubman expert route, Youth B championship to be on the Alternative route.



Novice to Intermediate

Current system

6 points are required with 2 points awarded for winning an open to centre novice trial, 1 point for a) second place in an OTC Novice Trial, b) Best Novice on Standard route in an OTC all classes trial, c) Best Novice on alternative route in an OTC all classes trial.

Proposed revision

Remove the award of 1 point for best Novice on standard route in an OTC all classes' trial.

Intermediate to Expert

Current system

Achievement of a first class award on the Standard route in an OTC all classes trial

Proposed revision

The addition of the following

Expert status can be achieved by obtaining 10 points, with 2 points being awarded for winning the Clubman expert route, and 1 point for second place on the Clubman expert route.


The aim is to encourage, but not enforce, Novices to ride the Alternative route, Intermediates and ambitious Novices to ride the clubman expert route, and Experts and allcomers to rise to the challenge of the standard route.

The Easy, or beginners route can be included but will play no part in grading.

The clubs can decide what awards they want to give.

When only one route was used "Expert" status was statistically easier to achieve because first class awards were given to 10% of the total entry.

Grading points already gained will remain in place.

I am sure that there will be healthy debate, but please consider that this change was made following comments from riders and officials and a very positive meeting of club representatives.
Tony Falconer (Trials committee Chairman)