Breakheart Quarry - Secured Venue for the Future

Thanks for your Votes but Radstock's Climbing Wall were granted the award.

All the details can be found here at

Thanks. Ray Pekala.

Ray Pekala updates on the Return of Breakheart: Sorry its been so hush hush but we could not release it to the masses until all was signed. Breakheart is now ran by a local company set up specifically to run the venue. The company is called Breakheart Community Project Ltd. of which I am chairman. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority still owns the land but we have secured a lease on the 52 acres site for 99 years. The main focus of the project is to provide the local populous with an area to enjoy.

The other, and more important, issue is that Stroud Valley MCC is mentioned in the lease to the extent that they can run organised Trials, Practice Sessions and Training Days without prejudice for the next 99 years. I believe that we are the only club within the Western Centre that has a guaranteed venue, providing that it is not abused.

Vote for Breakheart

One other thing is that Breakheart Community Project Ltd are through to the last 6 in the West ITV region of Peoples Millions, where on the 23rd of November we will be in a head to head for votes with a project from Radstock. This is for 50,000 funding to restore the buildings, paths, and trails.

You can all help by telling all your friends to vote for the project as we need the cash to bring Breakheart into the forefront of activity centres.

We have a website where people can see what's going on, and if they log on to and go to West you will be able to gain information on the project. Please do as much as you can to gain us votes on Monday the 23rd, we will need them.

[on 3Nov09]