Zona 1: ACU Luscombe Suzuki Leeds Youth C&D Championship Trial - 22Jun2013



Pictures: Steve Workman

Report: Ben Falconer

THE tables were turned at the top of the ACU Luscombe Suzuki Youth C championship when round one winner Daniel Slack was pipped by Billy Green over four laps of 10 sections at Zona 1 MCC's Nettleton Quarry venue.

With the top three covered by a spread of just two marks, there was no room for error, and Slack paid for four dabs on lap one, as did Joe Faunthorpe with a five on section two the only marks he lost all day. Green cleared the first lap, and almost lost his lead on lap two with three dabs, but the top three didn't change as all went clean on laps three and four. It means Slack and Green have a championship round win apiece.

The sections set by clerk of the course Andy Colbourne wore in well as the total entry of a healthy 40 riders set out for their third and fourth laps, and improved dramatically on their scores.

Jacob Snowden's second half charge cost him only four, for the top place off the podium. Single figure scores were also recorded by Benjamin Heycock, Gus Oblein, Oliver Smith, Thomas Constantine and Oliver Smith on the last two circuits. Cleaning laps three and four saw Charlie Mosley to victory in the Medium Wheel C class. He and Edward Earle swapped the lead on laps one and two but Earle's two and five in the second half of the trial meant he finished three marks behind but both were way ahead of the rest.

Jacob Smith posted a best lap score of four for the Medium Wheel D class on the last lap but it wasn't enough to overhaul Jack Dance, who after a lap one for 10 marks, kept his losses down to single figures on each lap after that.

Harry Hemingway's perfect performances on laps three and four were achieved with a series of flowing rides, which captured the spirit of the "no-stop" rules. Those zero scores also won him the Small Wheel D class dominated by electric bikes, as Lewis Hurdsman paid for a pair of dabs on the same laps, and Henry Stephenson couldn't overcome a five on lap one.

Wet weather threatened to fall all day but the event stayed largely clear of rain, and a prizegiving at a podium appropriatetly fashioned from Cotswold stone for the occasion was enjoyed under sunny skies. The club would like to thank the observers who braved a chill wind to man all the sections.