John Hayward - RIP

Update: Funeral details: Jan 17th at 11.45am, Westerleigh Crematorium, Waterside Chapel.

It is with great sadness that I have to report of my old work colleague, friend, mate and altogether great bloke John Hayward passed away on Christmas Day.

I first met John aka Mr Mole ( I have no idea why that nickname) aka JH when I started in trials in 1960 when we both started riding and our paths crossed a few times in the early years. John, who was one of the best mechanics I ever met, learnt his trade under another very skilled man, the late Tommy Barker, at Williams and Thomas motorcycle dealers.

JH was a founder member of the now disbanded Vikings Motorcycle Club who although not running events of their own were staunch supporteers of the Centre's and other club's events. My memory seems to tell me that JH acted as Sec of the Meeting for a few SVMC events in the sixties.

After working for various other dealers in the area John joined us at BVM when we started in 1975 and we worked together for 30 years until he retired first. Whilst with BVM JH won the award for Ducati mechanic of the year and was highly thought of by the technical team at BMW. He was liked and highly respected by staff and customers alike with most customers insisting on thanking him personally for his work on their machines. Whilst working with JH I became aware of just how good he was as a mechanic, having spent my whole working life around the technical side of motor vehicles I would rate JH in the top two or three I have known.

Away from work John was a more than competent golfer, a good bowls player and has he proved in our lunchtimes in the pub a skilled darts player. Always good company John will be greatly missed by his wife Shiela, children Paul, Tracy and Julie and their families and I suspect a number of people who like me feel privileged to have known him.

John Miles, ACU Western Vice President

[on 27Dec2021]