Colin Brookes - RIP

Gloucester & Cotswold MCC is remembering a great servant of the club who worked hard to secure top quality venues and run national events.

Colin Brookes passed away last month and long-standing Gloucester & Cotswold servant Mike Gunn said Colin did a lot towards the staging of the legendary Tirley scrambles, helped obtain Ebworth woods for the Hurran Trial and Cranham for national grass tracks.

He helped run the National Cotswold Cups Trial between 1970-72, when it started at Brockworth and went up to Miserden and Climperwell.

He worked at Misarden Park after leaving Hurrans florists, and this connection helped obtain many venues including the scramble track at Sudgrove Park, Miserden. Some of the grass tracks were held on stony ground, and his ability to produce a fence post thumper was very much appreciated by club members too.

He passed at home on Friday, February 26 after falling around Christmas. Everyone in the centre would like to express their sincere condolences to his family at this time.

[on 7Mar2021]