Trevor Hunt -

Tributes to a great man.

Well over 200 people attended Trevor's funeral on Saturday, January 10 - there was standing room only. Ever the organiser, Trevor had prepared a fascinating run-down of his life and a poem, written for the eventual eventuality that we all face. We publish the poem here, and celebrate his passion and success in national road rallies in Britain and Ireland with a photo taken at the National Rally BVM time control, that says it all. RIP Trevor. (Postscript: Trevor's apologies were sent to the Western Centre board meeting 2 days later - because he was attending a reunion!)

Trevor Hunt- a great motorcycling enthusiast

The off-road motorcycle family has lost one of its great enthusiasts with the death last week of Trevor Hunt. For us in the Western Centre of the ACU he had been Secretary, Chairman and was currently President of the Centre over a continuous period from 1990.

A record of service that will never be equalled. Also, he was the ACU Benevolent Fund officer where he was responsible for helping many people always in total confidentiality.

In the 60's Trevor was the leading light in his club the Wye Valley Auto Club which ran Scrambles, Show ground Grass Tracks and of course successful trials. For many years the major event was the Wye Valley Traders National trial usually part of the ACU championship series. Trevor was appreciated for his no nonsense management of the trial, when he was Clerk of the Course with Stan Hinsley as the Secretary.

In later years Trevor whilst still being secretary of the Wye Valley Trials rode a number of Rallies always including the ACU National Rally and the Irish Rally. At a recent ACU awards ceremony Trevor was given a special award for his support of the National Rally and he brought the house to their feet with his response to the award explaining his love of motorcycle sport.

Trevor also loved flying and obtained his pilots licence in his 50's and he took many local fans to the TT races.

What a full life, there is so much more that could be said about Trevor, words are not enough to explain the contribution which he made to our sport.

On behalf of the ACU Western Centre I would like to offer our deepest sympathy to Hazel and Sue.

Tony Noel - Chairman ACU Western Centre.

Mr Trevor Hunt

It is with great sadness that we hear of the passing of Western Centre President, Trevor Hunt. He died on Christmas Day. I am sure everyone in the centre and the countless riders and officials from across the motorcycling world will send their condolences to his family.

He was a one-off and instantly recognisable with his whiskered moustache and leopard skin helmet but he was no triumph of style over substance. An arch-organiser, he was clerk of the course for the famous Wye Valley Traders Trial for 33 years, edited the Centre Gazette, was Motorcycle News's man in the Centre, was a key force in the Wye Valley Auto Club organising up to 10 showground grasstracks a year, marked out the course for the Welsh 2 Day Trial (later Enduro), having been involved with motorcycles since before World War 2. He even flew his own plane to the Isle of Man, and a favourite event of his was the Olchan Trial, memorable for not just the riding.

He never shied from controversy and would perhaps have agreed that he may well have broken a few eggs on the way but he knew that organising is not a popularity contest! Everything he did, he did for the good of the sport. We will miss him. RIP, Mr Trevor Hunt.

Website Editor - Ben Falconer.