Scottish Pre 65 2 Day Trial 2013


Report: Ben Falconer

Report: Tony Falconer

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As the Official press release explains, this year's event was not a vintage one but there's not much you can do when the weather turns against you. As the organisers said, the turnout at the awards presentation showed there is a lot of support for this very special event.


Results-wise, top Western Centre rider was Martyn Goodall on 37, and all other centre riders got a finish which was no mean achievement. By all accounts there was a good attendance at the prizegiving, which hopefully shows the riders are keeping the faith. Who's going to put an entry in next year then? Yep, thought so, we'll all be printing off pictures and filling in eligibility forms, then crossing our fingers, I suspect.


A full post mortem of the event was undertaken by a large contingent of Western Centre riders and supporters in the MacDonald Inn, which apparently does some very decent food. The beer passed the test too...

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