CHG MCC John Draper Trial

Sunday, August 31, 2014



Report by Ben Falconer

Pix by Amo Falconer

A SINGLE five pushed Simon Welch in to a rare second place finish in a Western Centre Championship round. His maximum loss on section nine of Cheltenham Home Guard MCC's John Draper Trial meant Rob Warner could afford to take a handful of steadying dabs and stay ahead.


That hazard and section eight on Langley Hill's steep and slippery banks was where the trial was won and lost. Warner could not get through the innocuous-looking left-hand turn over section eight's roots for less than a dab on each of his three attempts, while Welch scored two cleans and a dab. They were in danger of being outshone by best youth A rider Tom Culliford who aced the roots in great style twice.


Then on the final lap Culliford's Sherco slipped from under him in an instant and he picked up a five mark maximum. Warner's total of three on section eight and Welch's single mark loss there meant it was all down to the next section where Welch dropped a five and Warner only one.

Martin Podesta overcame a five on lap one in section eight to lose only one more mark over the next two laps there, and finish third overall on 27 marks lost. Matthew and Simon Welch could not quite clean section eight and the only other clean came from Nathan Pekala who rode the roots very smoothly on the third lap.


John Cowley was a clear winner in the clubman/expert 50/50 class thanks to a trademark accurate ride. Likewise Nigel Tomkins in the clubman class, whose economical ride for just two marks kept him ahead of a very competitive pack. Top sportsman Tony Field was the only rider to record a perfect ride, losing no marks.

The club wishes to thank the landowner and observers for their invaluable help in putting the event on and the 73 riders for supporting the trial.


Provisional Awards

Expert route Premier: Rob Warner (Montesa 260) 5 marks lost Runner-up: Simon Welch (Jotagas) 6 Adult: Martin Podesta (Sherco) 27 Youth: Tom Culliford (Sherco) 39

Clubman/Expert route Best performance: John Cowley (Jotagas) 16 Over 50: Michael James (Ossa) 28 Adult: George Marshall 41 Over 40: Gary Morgan 54 Youth: Victoria Payne 64

Clubman route Best performance: Nigel Tomkins (Beta 250) 2 Over 40: Tony Cowley 3 and Rob Faulkner (Scorpa 250) 3 Over 50: Kevin Miller 5 Over 60: Phil Marsh (Gas Gas 250) 9 Youth: James Saunders (Jotagas 250) 12 Pre-65: Alan Taylor 16

mwelch Sportsman route Best performance: Tony Field 0 Over 40: Austin Kear 2 Over 60: Terry Cole 3 Pre 65: Alan Halford 6 Adult: John Limb 8 Youth: Will Culliford (Sherco 125) 8 Lady: Izzy Saunders (Jotagas 125) 20 Twinshock: Nigel Tustin 23