GC Whitaker Trial, Syde

It's not just about riding...


Report by the Ed.

G&C's first event run with the Youth Development Squad riders learning key roles in organisation was a great success. Spurred on by their mentors, they spent a great deal of time setting the course out, marking sections, doing the paperwork, and generally learning first hand about what's involved with running a trial.

"I was pleased I was with the efforts of the youth squad to set up and run such an event and now almost all of them can load a staple gun," said Youth Development Officer Simon Welch.

Aside from the obvious benefits of building a strong organising force for the future in the Western Centre, it was great to see young and let's say, the more experienced, working together on all aspects of running an event and enjoying it. It looks set to become an annual exercise, maybe more often. What's more, the usual band of hardy Centre observers had their ranks swelled by the squad members who did the honours on the marking boards.

Full marks to the squad members who grasped the opportunity, and G&C and Simon for giving them a chance to shine. If they didn't appreciate how much goes in to organising a trial, they do now and what's more they are learning the skills that will ensure our sport is in safe hands.

The Saturday afternoon trial was preceded by a C,D, and E class conducted trial, run over five laps of four sections. Sections for these trials are set out to encourage newcomers to the sport, and the emphasis is on fun and improvement. Six riders entered on James Welch's sections, and all were helped and encouraged by mums, dads and granddads.

Most showed improvement over the hour-long event, and were pretty well tired by the end! Look out for more of these events at G&C and Zona 1 trials, and maybe some other clubs' once your Editor gets his clerk of course certificate!

Here is a video of the Adult part of the trial. Click 'HD' to turn off if you have a slow web connection.

Preview by James Welch

The youth squad isn't just preparing the riders of tomorrow but the organisers too. With that in mind, the next G&C trial will feature a trial for C,D, and E riders before the main event - and will be run with the assistance of youth squad members.

James Welch explains: "The Gloucester and Cotswold MCC is running its annual Saturday trial on the 11 August with a twist. As many people will be aware a youth development squad has been set up within the western centre and to give something back for all the support the youth have received and to raise a bit of money this event is being run by the youth development squad, tasks such as assisting the secretary of the meeting and ACU steward to observing all the sections and helping to set the course. A cracking idea that will raise awareness for the youth of just how much work goes into running an event.

But the above has led to the development of an even better opportunity. With the main event relatively speaking taken care of the club members who usually set the event plan on running a youth C, D and E class trial for all petrol engine and electric bikes at 12 o'clock on the day. Why 12 o'clock? Well because the main adult event starts at 4 so if you have an adult with a youth rider you can arrive at 12 for your child to ride and then ride yourself in the afternoon..........everyone is happy.