Oxford Ixion Club Champs Round 4, June 5 2011

Report: Ken O'Brien


Steeple Hill Corner was the place to be last Sunday for the running of Oxford Ixion's Fourth round Club Champs as four laps of ten were taken in.

Chris Wickham was best expert losing five three points ahead of Beta mounted Stefan Walters. Three new subs were in use today and proved very popular with the spectators as section four was in a state of deterioration after as little as 30 machines had passed through although Chris Wickham cleaned it on every visit this uphill stream section.

Leo Rochfort lost six on the hard route and for this performance was awarded best Intermediate Leo putting four smart rides in on section ten a very tricky loose sandy bank.

The youth A was again strongly contested with young Ben Hayes running out a clear winner this time and Ben's consistency at section Three which included a four-foot fallen tree to cross played a big part.

On the Standard White route Adrian Steele 300 Gas Gas got back to winning ways taking the Clubman class in style from Alan Taylor who had three dabs at sub seven a tough job that required a spot-on line to cross an awkwardly growing bough.

Best Novice was new to Ixion trials Tony Brabazon who fought off the challenge of Sam Wilson and Carl Long who had migrated over from the Western Centre for a days sport.

Alec Resek was again in control at Youth B level whilst ex RAF man and Yamaha mounted Jason Gooch was the Twinshock Class victor although some choice language and mutterings were recorded down the wood at section four as grip was at a minimum for the ageing Twinshock.

On the Blue eased route David Faulkner took the win from Alec Resek by a couple of points and is now challenging for the overall top spot in the series. Many thanks to the volunteered observers as all ten sections were manned.