National updates 2008...

Novogar Round in Powys, 21 September

A round of the ACU Novogar clubman's trials championship looked to be a little easier than the West Glos centre championship round the week before. Simon Welch finished on 12 to place sixth, while brother Matthew lost 45 for 18th, which I believe is just out of the points.

John Luff was 5 marks behind Matthew, and Henry Bendall was the last of the scorers in double figures. Results [25Sep08]

Scott Trial, 18 October

First timers Henry Bendall (WGDF) runs at 32 and Matthew Welch (G&C) at 111 in this special time and observation event. Simon Wearmouth (WV) is 112, while Simon Welch (G&C) is 128. Good luck lads. See the whole entry list, including some famous names from road racing. [25Sep08]

Western Centre riders on the national stage

There's a good number of WC riders riding in various championships. Here we take a look at some of those at the pointy end of the results sheets in events all over the country and beyond. This list is not exhaustive - apologies for missing anyone out, just drop me an email on and we'll put it right.

Well for starters, we could claim Quedgeley's Scott Redding, who as we all know won the 125 class at the Donington GP and made the history books. There's a lot of people taking an interest in Scott's career, not least those of us in his home county.

Lewis Gregory lies ninth in the Maxxis British MX2 champs, with two rounds to go. He's missed the first two rounds (four motos) but he has scored consisently highly since then.

Centre trials champ and current leader Simon Welch lies seventh in the Novogar Trials Championship, after six of nine rounds. It used to be known as the clubman championship, which of course has been won twice (in '98 and 01) by former Western Centre champ Steve Workman. It's old title doesn't really do justice to the series though, as only the top handful of the country's riders can't do this series - which means it's tough! Simon has also scored a couple of points in the expert class of the national trials champs, which is even harder. Incidentally, Steve got a seventh place finish in this championship a few years back and made the top 15 in the championship.

A bit closer to home, there's a lot going on, starting with the Sammy Miller trials series, where after five of nine rounds, Steve Allen leads the pre-unit rigid class by 43 points, and Goff Hannam is third.

Regular visitor to the Western Centre, Martyn Wilmore, leads the pre-unit springer class from no less than Neil Gaunt and Mick Grant. Ian Hannam and Debbie Smith are second in the unit sidecar class.

In the Traditional Trials Championship, Nic Draper leads class C after five of 10 rounds, and John Bliss leads class F. Martyn Wilmore is third in class A.

And Neil Hannam lies seventh in the clubman class of the national sidecar trials championship, with Pete Pesterfield in the chair. That's the third level of four on the national 3 wheeled trials scene but is a very testing level of competition.

Anyone who can update me with more news on the championship fortunes of any Western Centre rider is more than welcome to - just email


Wye Valley AC's day out at the Inter Centre Team Twinshock Trial

Malcolm Herbert tells us that WVAC came 5th (from 7 club teams) and despite mechanical failures managed to have a good day out - perhaps the centre needs to get a team for next year! Find out loads more here.