Doug Heeks RIP

Words: Tony Noel

Doug Heeks has passed away ay the age of 92 years. Doug was one of the most successful competitors in the 1950's and 60's with good results both in the Western Centre and Nationally. He was equally successful in Trials and Scrambles.

In those days the ACU Western was a very competitive centre with the likes of John Draper, Alan Bell and Roy King taking part. At one stage he was supported by the DMW factory, only to be approached a few days later after signing, by DOT. He made a brief comeback in Trials on a Triumph Tiger Cub before retiring from competing but could be found sometimes Observing at local Trials.

The funeral was at the Cheltenham Crematorium, Willow Chapel 10:15am on Tuesday 11th February.

As this photograph from First Rich Mixture shows, Doug was a very capable competitor. (Thank you to FRM's publisher Ariel Publishing for use of the photograph)

[on 04Feb2020]