CHG Non Expert Trial, 4 September 2011

Report: Steve Venn


Alastair Moir's Pictures

CHG ran their popular annual centre Non-Expert Trial at Farmcote near Winchcombe on Sunday.

The day started misty and damp with over night rain making the sections slightly more demanding and tricky then intended. This trial is to encourage occasional riders and beginners to give trials riding a "go" and the days very easy route seemed popular with the entry.

The harder route was set to usual centre clubman standard and proved a good test for the more experienced riders.

Section 7 observed by Tony Noel with its tight turn onto slipper roots was only mastered by a few riders able to hop the back of the bike for a much easier line, but seasoned campaigners Rob Faulkner and evergreen Andy Perry were able to ride around the out side, but not every time.

The following section 8 observed by the ever enthusiastic Jim Delahey, with slippery turns on a bank, took marks from everyone on the harder route including eventual winner Steve Cook on his Sherco.

  • Winner: Steve Cook (Sherco) 2 marks lost
  • R/up: Rob Faulkner (Scorpa) 3 marks lost
  • Youth: Ben Hayes (Gas Gas) 6 marks lost
  • Inter: Chris Wickham (Beta) 8 marks lost
  • Inter O/50: Andy Perry (Gas Gas) 9 marks lost
  • Inter O/40: Adrian Steele (Gas Gas) 15 marks lost
  • Nov O/40: Terry Payne (Gas Gas) 16 marks lost
  • 50/50 ROUTE:
  • Winner: Billy Andrews (Beta) 22 marks lost
  • O/50: Tony Brabazon (Yam) 35 marks lost
  • Nov: Ian Cook 35 marks lost
  • Pre65: Dave Eeles (Triumph) 37 marks lost
  • T/S Ray Hemming 64 marks lost
  • Winner: Malcolm Herbert (Yam) 1 mark lost F/C
  • Trail: Jonny Edmunds (Pampera) 1 mark lost
  • Nov: Steve Winstanley 2 marks lost
  • O/40: Mark Saunders 3 marks lost
  • O/60: Roger Wakelin 17 marks lost
  • Youth: George Saunders 33 marks lost
  • Preview by Steve Venn

    It's that time of year again for the clubs 'Non-Expert' trial at Farmcote Nr. Winchcombe on Sunday 4th September, 10.30am.

    There promises to be the usual mix of sections, but the deteriorating deep muddy sections will be avoided. (honest) There will be 2 routes, a very easy route for beginners and occasional riders.

    The main route will be of centre clubman standard, the will also be a 50/50 Sportsman route option.

    Classes for: Beginner-Novice--Pre65--T/Shock—Ladies—Trail bikes—intermediate—S/Boys/girls—Over 40-50-60 Experts are welcome to ride for no award, so everyone should be catered for, hopefully.