CHG 'Don't Panic' Trial 2nd August 2009

Report by Steve Venn

In spite of all the recent wet weather Cheltenham HG managed to run a Western Centre Championship trial at Sam Wilson's wood near Monmouth on Sunday. This wood is known to be steep and slippery, so the course markers wisely plotted the course on the higher better-drained land. Fortunately the rain stayed away during the trial, and generally an enjoyable days riding was had by all competitors.

4 laps of 10 sections were planned with all proving rideable but tricky throughout the trial. There was no one to challenge expert winner Simon Welch who made light work of the cambered root infested climbs. Runner Up was Barry Husband with local ace Henry Bendall one mark further behind getting use to Sherco 2 stroke power after several years riding a 4 stroke.

Full size and HD if you want and if you've got the band width! from Colin Jones on Vimeo.

The ever improving young Matt Christopher was best inter on the hard route. Best on the 50/50 route was Ashley Reed. There were two ties on the alternative route, which had to be decided buy most cleans. The ever-consistent Glyn Smith just getting the better of the late serge from Nick Toms by two cleans, and Martyn Goodall betting Phil Marsh in the over/50's by four cleans.

Cheltenham HG as usual make an extra effort to have all sections manned and observed, and we are as ever grateful to the volunteers who helped us with running our trials.

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